The Power of My Words, the Power of Your Words, Words in Feng Shui

My words have power, your words have power, and your home is sending you powerful messages about yourself and your life, every day.

Thousands of people receive my newsletters each week, and many of them are moved to action. If I send out an article on the Truth About Mirrors in Front of the Bed, people move their mirrors or get beautiful pieces of fabric to cover them up at night. If I send an article about a Feng Shui Cure to Eliminate Bad Odors, that weekend people head out to the store to buy plain charcoal.

Words have power because they can motivate people to action.

My words, however, are not always about Feng Shui.

This past week, in response to all the anguish I saw my friends and acquaintances express on social media — regarding recent violent events in the USA — I shared the following (if you are reading this in your phone, turn it to the side so you can read the image better):

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.36.32 PM

Lots of people reacted to this post. Some people shared it on their timelines. To my surprise, when I attended church on Sunday, the minister referred to my post above as part of her final message in a sermon about the recent violence.

Your Words

Your words have power too. They have the power to motivate the people around you to action. Everything you say, every email you send out or forward, the things you share on social media, it all creates the world you live in. Are the messages you are sending out creating more chaos and discord, or are they creating hope and well being? What are you creating with your words?

Your Home’s “Words”

There is an old Chinese saying: “All things in your home are constantly talking to you, make sure they have nice things to say.”

Your home does not use actual “words” to communicate with you, it gives you messages about you and your life in the choices you have made of:

  • mirrors
  • artwork
  • ornaments
  • and the way you have arranged your furniture

A Feng Shui consultant is trained to read these messages, and suggest small changes that can change the reading of your home to tell a more positive story.

Sure, you can look at your home and see if you can find out what it is telling you. However, the way people self sabotage is usually a blind spot for them.

Right now, I have openings for Feng Shui Home Consultations.

The Words of Mothers

One 4th of July I sent out a special edition of my newsletter called Declare Your Independence from Fate by Embracing Your Destiny. If you missed it, you may read it here.

This newsletter had the power to move lots of emotions in many women, especially women with small children.

The feedback I got was that they were feeling at a loss to connect with their life missions, to figure out what they came to do.

If this is you, you need to know something that now I wish I had added to my original article: When you have children, they become your life mission. As they grow and become more independent, you feel pulled to do other things.

So don’t stress if you have young children and can’t figure out what your life mission is, because right now, it is them.

And remember, the people most vulnerable to your words are your children. Use your words to lift them up, and they will become independent, happy, and strong people.

The more wisely you use your words around them, the easier it will be, when they are grown and living their own lives, for you to tend to your particular, individual, life missions. You will also have the time and energy to do more of the things you love.








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