Resolution No. 7: Add Stability to Your Life

This article is part of a series called, “New Years Resolutions Worth Having.”

Today, I am sharing with you a tip for resolution number 7: Add Stability to Your Life


There are some aspects of human life that can only thrive when there is stability.

Stability means ” the quality or state of something that is not easily changed or likely to change.”

Many people do not like to think of themselves as being stable, because they want to be “free spirits,” who do not get attached to anything or anybody.

Stability can make you more reliable, and more dependable in the eyes of others. If you are in business, lack of stability will produce lack of trust in your customers, and fewer sales.

However, it is in a love relationship that stability is most beneficial. It is impossible to create a happy home if you are unsure that you and your partner will continue to be together throughout the years.

If you are single, lack of stability makes you a less desirable partner for potential love interests that are looking for more than a passing fling.

So what object in your home can help you add stability to your life?


Consider this:

  • A bed without a headboard is reminiscent of the time you were in college, or your first apartment — a period in your life when you where, perhaps, not seeking permanent relationships. If you try to lean on the wall to read a book, your weight gradually separates the mattress from the wall.
  • A headboard made of metal, with sharp elements is dangerous.
  • A headboard made of metal and with “bars” can remind you of a prison (not a good association for marriage) or of a crib (princess style headboards). If you lean on either of these headboards, they are uncomfortable!

A solid wooden headboard is best. Choose a headboard that is either arched or rounded at the top, or one that is rectangular with rounded corners.

May You Find Great Love!







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