Clutter is NEVER Good, but it may have a GOOD purpose


Cluttter is never good, there is no way around it.

For the past 5 weeks I have shared with you how clutter shows in the body, according to the 5 elements. I have also shared with you how the nine life areas, the rooms in the home, the organs in the body, and emotions are connected both to clutter in your homes, clutter in our heart, and clutter in our bodies. If you missed any of these articles, you can catch them here.

I created this series to help you understand that Clutter is NEVER Good.

Like I have said before, you would never say that clutter in the body is good. No one gets happy to discover a tumor, or a growth. No one delights on finding they have gall bladder stones, or kidney stones.

If upon seeing piles and piles of paper on your desk, you tell yourself that this is a sign that you are very busy and productive, and that the paper clutter is just a consequence of that, you are deceiving yourself.

If you tell yourself that by not letting go of all the unused bottles of makeup, soap, shampoo and conditioner that clutter your vanity or dresser, you are helping the environment, you are deceiving yourself.

Clutter may have a GOOD purpose

Clutter is NEVER good, BUT clutter may have a good purpose, and a good reason to be there. CLUTTER IS A COMPENSATION for something else.

Just like the alcoholic doesn’t drink because they want to be a drunk, just like the workaholic doesn’t work too much just because they want to exhaust themselves, the person who clutters is usually numbing themselves from something else. 

This is why the online course I created on decluttering and organizing is called “Declutter from the Heart.” I have found, through my work with clients for over 15 years that if the root cause why a person holds on to their clutter is not addressed, the person will always go back to their old ways.

When people know how bad clutter is for them, and yet find themselves unable to take action, it is because they are more afraid of what would rise to the surface if they declutter, than of the consequences of keeping the clutter.

Why People Don’t Declutter

I once had a client who, every time she started decluttering and organizing, felt like leaving her husband. When she let go of her good intentions and let the piles start again, her desire for separation went away. She was so afraid of facing her own conflicted feelings about her husband and their relationship, that she would rather live in numbness.

Another client had such a low sense of self worth that she wanted her space to reflect how she felt about herself — a cluttered mess. She was keenly embarrassed of the way her home looked, so much so, that over time she only let her closest family members in. Though intellectually she understood that if she decluttered she would feel better about herself, unconsciously she was afraid that decluttering would only reveal her innate ugliness as a person.

I created the Declutter from the Heart course for clients like the 2 ladies I mentioned above. They were in my mind and in my heart when I planned the lessons. I felt that only if I created a course that was geared towards the people who were the most resistant to declutter and organize, it would be a course that could potentially help millions.

Very Simple, but POWERFUL Homework!

The homework in the Declutter from the Heart course — very small tasks to complete every week — was designed to Declutter the Heart. In Feng Shui we believe that it is only in the hollow spaces of the heart that your spirit resides in its purest state. By blocking chi in your heart, you disconnect yourself from the source of your spirit — Heaven. Conversely, by unblocking chi in your heart, you reconnect to Heaven, and become more able to express the magnificence of your spirit.

Some may ask, if I want millions to benefit from this course, if I really want to help people out, why not offer it for free? I have created a lot of free information on this topic. This year alone, I have written 18 articles with tips on decluttering, that people can learn from, for free. You can read them all here.

However, some people need more than tips. Some people need to really stir the and clear the negative emotions that enable their clutter. Study after study shows that when people do not pay for courses, they rarely complete them. My own data, on my Feng Shui Training Website, shows that people who have enrolled on my free course or have gotten courses as part of a giveaway, tend to not watch until the end. Most people want to feel that they have given a fair exchange for any blessings they receive. Are you ready to receive blessings?

The course Declutter from the Heart was created for you, if you recognized yourself while reading this article. Please go to the course page here and read the powerful testimonials that participants in the course have written.

A Mess Does NOT Always Mean Clutter!

One last word about clutter: just because a place is messy, it doesn’t mean that it is cluttered!

Clutter, in the Feng Shui sense, only happens when there is stagnation. A mess may be clutter if the items in the mess have not been moved in a long time, but a very messy place where all items are used on a regular basis, is not cluttered.

However, keeping track of things in a messy place takes enormous amounts of memory. In the course Declutter for Good you will see that memory plays a very important role in learning how to declutter. People with weak memories need to use different strategies and different space organizers and systems, than people who are blessed with great memories.

There is no excuse for clutter. Learn how to manage your clutter:

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