What’s in a Home?


What does your home hold? Have you ever stopped to think all that your home says about you?

Play this game in your head:

Pretend that you were at a picnic, playing a ball game, and got hit in the head. It wasn’t a bad accident, but it did knock you out for a few minutes. When you woke up, you could not remember who you were, or anything about your life. The doctor said it was temporary amnesia, and asked one of your friends to take you home, but not tell you that it is your home, to see if being in a familiar place would help stir up your memories.

Now imagine your friend just pulled into your driveway, or parked on the street in front of your house.

What is your impression of this home? See how you would answer these questions:

  • How many people live in this home?
  • How old are the people in this home?
  • Are the people who live here happy, or depressed?
  • Are the people who live here doing well financially?
  • Do these people care about their neighbors?
  • Do they get along with their neighbors?

Write down your answers, if you wish, then sit down and see how your perceptions match the reality of your life. Then ponder the following questions:

  • What things that you would conclude about yourself and your family from looking at your entrance are true and make you proud?
  • What things that you would conclude about yourself and your family from looking at your entrance are true, but you would prefer it if they weren’t?
  • What things that you would conclude about yourself and your family from looking at your entrance are false?
  • How could you make your home tell a more accurate story about yourself and your loved ones? AND more importantly: What changes could you make in your home that would encourage you to be a better person?

So much may be inferred about your life just by looking at the outside of your home, which represents how you present yourself to the public. Imagine how much more can be known about you by looking at the inside of your home.

Every piece of furniture, every ornament, every frame hanging from your walls has a story: the story of how you got it, how you decided to put it where it is, and all about your life that it has witnessed.

These stories connect with the stories you have lived in other homes: the homes you liven in when you were a child, your first home when you left your parents’ or guardians’ home, the first home you shared with someone you loved…

For the next 12 days I will take you into an emotional journey, a Feng Shui Journey for your soul, where we will talk about the most important items in a home, and what they represent in your life.

  1. What’s in a sofa?
  2. What’s in a desk?
  3. What’s in a bed?
  4. What’s in a souvenir?
  5. What’s in a hallway?
  6. What’s in a stove?
  7. What’s in a dining table?
  8. What’s in a dresser?
  9. What’s in a mirror?
  10. What’s in a door?
  11. What’s in a mailbox?
  12. What’s in your soul?

If you haven’t joined this course yet, you can do it by clicking on this link. To make the most out of this journey, ask to be added to the Facebook Group: Feng Shui Journeys










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