Keep a Little Clutter, for Real

Unless you are new to my Feng Shui work, you know that I am opposed to the idea of “getting rid of clutter.” I instead teach folks how to manage and minimize clutter.

Clutter is a by-product of living. Many of the things that are now cluttering your home, were not clutter when you first got them. For example:

  • The clothes that no longer fit you, because you gained or lost weight.
  • The shoes that are no longer fashionable.
  • The rug that is all faded now, but was beautiful when you got it.

So, to be free 100% free of clutter, you would have to stop living.

Everyone needs to keep a little clutter. I certainly do. I like to keep my refrigerator door “cluttered” with cute magnets and photos of the people we love. Speaking of photos, I also keep a “cluttered” wall of photos of our extended family, because they all live far away. Of course, these things are not clutter to me, because of their emotional value, but they would look like cluttter to anyone else. That’s fine!

Keeping a little clutter on purpose, of things that make you happy when you see them, brings in a little bit of Wabisabi (the Japanese art of imperfection) into your Decluttering plans. Allowing space for imperfection allows you to be more realistic about your goals and your progress. The class Declutter from the Heart takes 12 weeks, but getting your home to the point where you are satisfied with your clutter management may take longer than that, depending on what your starting point is.

Taking Baby Steps

What if I told that you could start decluttering today, for no money, by addressing the type of clutter that blocks the 9 Feng Shui Life Areas the most?

There is no excuse for clutter. Learn how to manage your clutter:

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