The Art of Manifesting: How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Teachers of the Law of Attraction say that you attract into your life whatever you think about. This is simply NOT true, like any person who suffers from anxiety can attest to.

I know people whose thoughts are plagued with fears and persistent imaginations of all the terrible things that could happen, yet their lives are, except for the suffering the anxiety itself brings, just fine. None of the terrifying happenings that populate their minds create similar realities in actuality. Reality was not designed to have every thought manifest. There are good reasons for this.

Every Thought Does NOT Create that Reality

In the New Thought or New Age communities, as well as most healer circles, it has become more and more common to hear the mantra “your thoughts create your reality.” This phrase has even permeated the language of self-help-genre speakers, that where once considered main stream.

Many people I know have become ever so vigilant of their every thought, because they truly believe that whatever they focus their thoughts on will come to exist. Some of them go as far as stating that “every thought is a prayer.”

I have met people who felt tormented by their own negative thoughts, ironically following one negative thought, with a myriad of other negative thoughts on how this might affect their lives adversely.

Every thought creates reality, but not necessarily the reality that was thought of. Most commonly, thoughts do not go beyond creating emotions in the person having the thought.

Whenever I hear people so confidently state, “you have to be careful what you think, because your thoughts become your reality,” I cannot help remember an incident when our then six year old son punched a bully in the mouth at his martial arts class.

What My Son Understood About Dealing with Bullies

A bully in my child’s martial arts school had been irritating every other child in the class, the smaller and the bigger, and would even pick up attitudes towards the instructors. You could say every one was fed up with his attitude, but it was my son that took action. Although the bully was the same age as my son, he was a head taller and about 30 pounds heavier.

My husband, Marco, and I talked about it. We didn’t want to make our son wrong for standing up for himself, but we also didn’t want him to be left with the impression that punching was the prime way to resolve conflicts. My husband, a martial artist for over twenty years, took our son aside and had a half hour conversation behind closed doors. When he came out he told me, “We talked about it, and now he understands.”

Marco would later explain to me that he had taught our son a progression of strategies to try before resorting to a physical fight:

  1. Put your hands up and tell the bully, “I don’t want any trouble.”
  2. Say something along the lines of, “I am going to walk away now.”
  3. Say, something similar to, “I am leaving and it will all be fine.”
  4. Start backing up slowly.
  5. If the bully doesn’t show signs of calming down say, “Now, if you walk towards me, I will consider that as a threat.
  6. If the bully moves towards you, “Then punch him.”

When I asked my son what he learned from his Dad that night. He summarized the advice as follows:

“This is what Dada told me: First you put your hands up and say, “I don’t want any trouble.” Then you punch him.”

Saying that every thought is a prayer, or that every thought creates your reality, is such a summary – a summary that conveys something quite different from the original intent.

While it is true that the first step to transforming your reality or transforming your life is to have a positive thought, there are a number of things that need to happen before a thought will manifest as a reality.

Manifesting with Feng Shui

Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, is well aware of this process, coming from a tradition based on the observation of nature and the observation of human nature for thousands of years.

In order to effect positive changes in our lives, we need to start with a good thought. As you visualize that thought, it will then connect with a series of emotions. Some of these emotions will be positive and and some negative. If the positive emotions prevail when you imagine what it will feel like to have this thought become a reality, you will reach a decision, and decision will lead to action.

As you take action, the feedback given by the physical world will prompt re-evaluations of the original thought, and other emotions will lead to other decisions, which will transform into new actions.

If the person is able to hold their original vision and goal in their minds and hearts, while accepting the modifications that are needed as a result of existing realities, then that thought will have created a reality.

Saying that “thought creates reality,” however, is by itself an incredible stretch, and quite a waste of energy for people who become obsessed with making sure that every one of their thoughts is positive.

If the prevailing emotions you have when you visualize an outcome are negative, then you are likely to not reach a decision and never move to action. Without action, you won’t be able to manifest the desired reality.

Feng Shui summarizes the manifesting process by saying that our function as human beings is to be the “connectors of heaven and earth.” We feel happy and fulfilled when we pick up a thought from heaven (inspiration), motivate ourselves via emotions (what makes us human), and then take action in the physical plane (earth).

The Feng Shui approach is a much better model for the art of manifesting, than simply saying that your thoughts create your reality.

It works so well because Feng Shui always prompts you to take some kind of action in the physical world to represent the changes you want to see in your life. These changes in the space act as powerful messages to our deeper minds, and the target seeking mechanism that the deeper mind holds.

Here’s a Handy Summary:

Feng Shui helps you keep your goals in your mind, release doubts and start the process of creating reality in the three dimensional world, towards the creation of the realities you want to see manifest in your life.

So this is how you create reality from a thought:

  1. First of all, make sure it is a good thought. A good thought comes from heavenly inspiration, in other words, it is aligned with your highest good. If the thoughts you are choosing come from what mass media is pushing as desirable goals for you, or what your relatives or peers expect of you, you are less likely to succeed – especially if these expectations are not aligned with your highest good. Good thoughts look at your wellbeing in all nine life areas, and not just one or two.
  2. Visualize what you wish to create with as many details as are available to you at the moment (do not worry, as you start work in the physical, you will get more and clearer ideas). Feng Shui can be invaluable at this stage of the process. You can place cures for the nine life areas in the proper corners and midpoints of your home. You can also create a wealth poster of the material things you would like to acquire (more about this in a future article).
  3. Allow good feelings to grow in your heart as you think about the idea that you want to bring into physical, 3-D reality. If you are not able to do this, you need to work on your healing. Trying to force good feelings by suppressing negative emotions does not work. Using Feng Shui to eliminate sources of fear or anxiety in the home (steps 1, 2 and 3 in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui System), can help with the healing process.
  4. Give it time. Your deeper mind will work things out in the background. Your deeper mind, which many call the unconscious mind, will connect with and get instructions from Heaven. Your emotions will let you know when the deeper mind has worked out the details and you are ready for action. In the meantime, look around your home and see if any objects, paintings, photos or ornaments are telling the Universe something that is different from the reality you want to manifest (step 6 in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui System). Feng Shui is a powerful tool to detect self-sabotage. When you find signs of self-sabotage, make small changes in the space that tell the stories you need to hear.

  5. Move to action, when your emotions push you. Your positive emotions will tell you when the right time comes for action. When this moment arrives you will feel happy, and all of a sudden, things that seemed very difficult will appear simpler.
  6. Take the right actions. The right actions are those which, stemming from integrity and ethical behavior, will produce the desired result. Listen to feedback from the Universe. To stay on track, you will need to reduce doubt. Place reminders in your space of what your objectives and goals are. Learn about the nine life areas to know where to place the cures for best results.
  7. Listen to pre-existing realities, in other words, keep a constant dialogue with reality to see if you original thought can be modified for the better. Use vibrational Feng Shui cures to assist your soul in the release of energetic blocks that would prevent you from reaching your goals.
  8. Meet your target and reap the rewards. Remember to say thanks. Gratitude tends to multiply the blessings from manifesting. When manifesting from your Highest Good you will find that many other good things happen along with those you intended to create.

Keep in  mind that at any point during the process you may be hit by a tendency to self-sabotage – negative thoughts and emotions will try to get in the way. When they do, look at them, lean into them, maybe even write them down (then tear up the paper and recycle them). Just by acknowledging some of these negative thoughts and emotions they will disappear. For those that persist, seek healing, this is a fantastic chance to work on clearing less than love and non-you energies, so that your project and yourself walk hand in hand towards a higher vibration. On the other hand, suppressing negative thoughts and emotions, as many “new thought” people tend to do, will only make them grow underground, to rear their enhanced heads later on.

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