Feng Shui: 3 Types of Luck

In Feng Shui, Luck is very far from chance, but actually what happens within you, around you, and to you as a consequence of the state of your energy field or aura.

The state of your aura is determined by what happens at three levels of existence: Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

Feng Shui recognizes three types of luck:

  1. Heaven Luck
  2. Humankind Luck
  3. Earth Luck


Heaven Luck is your Destiny. Your destiny is made up of the circumstances of your birth, such as your gender, the country you were born in, the language that was your first language, who your family members where, and your genetic heritage.

Humankind Luck is what you make out of your life by your choices. Education and Virtues are big components of humankind luck.

Earth Luck, simply put, is Feng Shui.

Improving Earth Luck

Feng Shui refers to how auspicious the outer environment around you is and how you relate to it. If you live in a country/town/neighborhood with good Feng Shui you will tend to have better Earth Luck.

If you live in a place with bad Feng Shui it will be harder for you to tune in to good Earth Luck.

There are many things about the outer environment that we cannot change or influence, but we can always improve the Feng Shui of our own home and workplace. We can also improve the way we interact with our outer environment.

My book Feng Shui Your Own Home guides you via Nine Easy Steps in a process of improving the Feng Shui of your home, and hence your Earth Luck.

Improving Humankind Luck

The person who seeks to improve their life constantly looks for knowledge, advice and example from those that know more than he or she knows, but it is also important to clear the mind in order to get insight from your own guides and angels, and to learn from direct observation of the world and direct experience from it. Ask yourself this question: Do the teachings I am reading resonate with my own experience of life?

Virtues also form a big part of humankind luck. The way you behave towards yourself, your loved ones, and society in general, defines your reputation. People treat you according to your public image. Good actions create a good reputation for you. If people trust you, you are likely to get more business or more responsibilities at work that could lead to a promotion. Virtues refer to living in a way that is congruent or consistent with your beliefs.

It is interesting that in Traditional Chinese Thought Feng Shui is considered more important than both education and virtues. This is because good Feng Shui encourages people to behave better towards each other. Good Feng Shui also makes it easier for people to learn good things.

Improving Heaven Luck

There is a consensus in Traditional Chinese Thought that Heaven Luck cannot be changed.

I disagree with the belief expressed above because I am familiar with several healing modalities that can and do change the vectors of people’s lives, in other words, they change their destiny for the better. I have experienced this in my own life and seen it expressed in the lives of others.

This is what distinguishes my school of Feng Shui from all other schools of Feng Shui.

Even if you believe that destiny cannot be changed, the way destiny is expressed in a person’s life can vary widely.

For example, two separate women might have it in their destiny to never marry or have children.

For one woman this may mean to work for many years at a job she doesn’t like, and age alone in a nursing home.

For the other woman this may mean to travel around the world doing a job she adores, with a man she loves and who loves her back, only does not believe in marriage.

Similar destinies, but with widely different levels of happiness.

How “Heaven Luck” Defines Schools of Feng Shui

The way in which destiny is expressed is what Feng Shui consultants are concerned with, and the approach to dealing with destiny issues defines how schools of Feng Shui are different from each other and operate:

  • The Compass Schools of Feng Shui believe that the way to deal with destiny is to do complex mathematical calculations having to do with astrology and numerology.
  • Several other schools popular in the Western World, such as the Black Hat School of Feng Shui believe the best ways to deal with destiny are prayer, meditation, and metaphysical adjustments. This is why some of their recommendations may seem or sound like magic.
  • The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® school deals with destiny by actively seeking the healing of the issues the person came to address in this lifetime.

We believe that destiny simply refers to the things we decided we would experience, learn and figure out in this lifetime before we came into it. Because these were decisions that the High Self made while having total perspective, and not being encumbered by the limitations of existence in human life, it makes sense that we should trust those decisions where made to produce our Highest Good.

For example, as a teenager I suffered because I was/am short (5 ft). I admired Brooke Shields and thought I would be so happy if I could be tall and slim like her so I could be a model and be admired by many.

Today I realize that part of what I came to do was to clear and heal the way I associate and relate to authority figures, or people I perceive to be “above me” in any way. The short stature has always forced me to” look up” at most adults, and to learn that I am not less than them just because I am a foot shorter.

In the development of our training programs, we have found, for example, that by voluntarily working on the karma amelioration with people with whom we have conflictive relationships (on our side only, because otherwise we would be messing with the other person’s free will), we can change our destiny.

It is for this reason that our Feng Shui Consultant Program includes an attunement to Crystalline Rainbow Reiki 1 and the Angelic Feng Shui Attunement, to give our consultants a headstart in the processing of their own issues, so they become better able to help their clients.

We have also discovered that we can use Feng Shui to program the deeper mind to set goals for clients’ lives, and to detect self-sabotage before it causes damage. As we do this, the High Self of the person guides them towards the activities, the choices, the people and the resources that will guide them towards their Highest Good with ease and grace. Following the process of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui System, without skipping steps or getting ahead of themselves, has proved essential in avoiding healing crises.






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