Is the Law of Attraction not Working for YOU?

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. For it is always he who asks that receives, he who seeks that finds, and he who knocks that has the door opened to him.

The above is true, but you also have to do the work.

It has been a decade since the movie and book The Secret popularized the concept of the Law of Attraction. If you read the books or watched the movie, and have tried to apply the teachings, how much better are you doing today?

10 years has been enough time to give it an honest try, and today many people are re-evaluating the teachings based on their own experiences.

Joe Vitale, one of the experts interviewed for the movie The Secret, was honest and brave enough to recognize in a recent video that just as he gets lots of letters from people sharing testimonials on how well the Law of Attraction has worked for them, he gets as many letters from people who have failed to see these teachings produce results in their life.

Many people have tried the Law of Attraction and have found it didn’t work for them. They did not see the blessings they were hoping for become a reality in their lives, or they only got signs that seemed like the Universe was mercilessly teasing them or mocking them.

Why does the Law of Attraction seem to work for some people and not for others?

If it is a Law, wouldn’t it make sense that it should work for everyone?

Is It a Law?

The first thing to ponder then, is if the Law of Attraction is, in fact, a “law.” Proponents of the LOA often compare it to gravity. Gravity, works for everyone, they say, and so does the LOA. The question that begs to be asked is, why does it not work for everyone then?

“Law of Attraction” is a term that several schools of thought have adopted to try to define a phenomenon that every single culture around the world has observed, which is listed in every religion in the world and even in the shamanic practices of all indigenous people. This phenomenon is the human ability to manifest reality.

It doesn’t work for everyone in the same way because it is not a law. It is a human ability.

Think of the term “law of attraction” more of as a brand, or a marketing term. It is simply one way that has sought to explain the universal concept of manifesting or creating reality.

A Human Ability

Human beings are spirits who at the moment live in a physical body. With our spiritual essence come a number of abilities, like the ability to love, to feel empathy or compassion for one another, or the abilities to visualize, imagine and create works of art. Would you call any of these abilities laws?

Like any human ability, manifesting comes more natural to some people than others. Some people seem to be gifted at it, other people need to work at it and develop it over time.

Like any other human ability, the more you practice it, the easier it becomes, and the better at it you become. If you don’t practice it, it becomes harder.

Not Just Attraction

The term Law of Attraction by definition has focused on the idea that when you send an intent to the Universe, you attract the people, the connections, the resources and even the material objects that are needed to turn your intent into a reality.

However, attraction is only part of it. There are other aspects to manifesting that are as or even more important than attraction. These are creation and alignment.

Attracting means that someone or something else is creating that which you desire and have asked for. This is a very important part of manifesting — tapping into what has already been created.

Creating means that you are the main agent in transforming an idea you picked up from the ether into a reality in the three dimensional world.

Aligning means that you learn to sense time, specifically, the flow and direction of the Universal winds of chi (life force) so you can be at the right place at the right time.


How Does Feng Shui Fit in All this?

Feng Shui does a much better job of explaining how the manifesting process happens. In Feng Shui we know manifesting as “connecting heaven and earth.”

Heaven represents the spiritual realm, of which we get a glimpse via inspiration, imagination and thoughts.

Earth represents the physical realm, where we exist in the three dimensions, and to which we relate via action.

In Feng Shui, human beings are defined as the connectors of heaven and earth. It is in our essence. In fact, connecting heaven and earth is the main function of the human being and the only thing that makes us truly happy.

I would like to show you how to manifest the Feng Shui way, by connecting heaven and earth. Are you in?

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So How Does Manifesting Actually Happen?

In order to manifest, you need to pick up an idea or inspiration from heaven, motivate yourself via emotions, in order to take action in the physical — not just any action, but the right action, done at the right moment. The right action is the one that will produce as a consequence your desired result.

Of course any long term project will not be dependent on only one right action, but on a succession of them.

In order to manifest you need to free yourself from the blocks to manifesting, mainly: doubt, feelings of being undeserving, low self image and self sabotage.

But What About the Law of Attraction?

Many things taught in the law of attraction materials are indeed correct. You do need to set an intent, you do need to visualize, and you will do better if you use affirmations. It is true, that to manifest a better reality than what you are actually experiencing you need to raise your vibration.

However, the teachings associated with the law of attraction fail to teach how to raise your chronic vibration (which is the one that actually manifests). Positive thinking only has a direct impact in your temporary vibration, although it may over time influence your chronic vibration. Your temporary higher vibration tends to fall back to your chronic or default state as soon as you slack in your daily practice, which is not uncommon.

These teachings also miss the instructions on how to tune in to or align with the right universal winds and how to choose the right actions.

Another problem with the teachings of the LOA is that when things are going well, people tend to give themselves credit, but when things don’t go as well, this credit turns into destructive self-blaming and guilt.

I have also seen in my work with clients, that following the LOA may become an exercise in denial, refusing to accept that things haven’t turned out the way they hoped, or thinking that all that is necessary is to strengthen one’s faith and that the next time around everything will work out.

Have you ever wondered why most people get inconsistent results when they try to use the law of attraction?

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