Manifesting Luck with Feng Shui


To become luckier with Feng Shui, first you need to understand what luck is.

I grew up in a home where abuse was rampant. It was frequent, random and sophisticated.

You could say I was not a lucky child. I could have been the poster child for Murphy’s Law (the erroneous belief that “anything than can go wrong, will.”) Nothing good ever seemed to happen to me “just because.”

When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I didn’t know what to answer. All I wanted to be was free from abuse. In order to keep my sanity I had only one directive: “Grow up. Get out.”

I remember waking up the morning of the first day after I left my parents’ house, feeling elation at knowing that no one was going to kick my door open and start screaming at me. It was the first time in seven years I had slept well. It would take many years of healing, though, for me to be able to go a full week without nightmares.

I enrolled in art classes and met people who were different from anyone I had ever met before. My art teacher suggested I see a healer she knew.

What My First Healer Taught Me About Luck

At 23, as an independent young woman, I started my healing process with a homeopath in my home town. It was he that taught me that when you are well, things go well.

He had seen it over decades of practice, that when his patients worked on their issues and cleared themselves from their traumas, things in their lives started going better. They got new jobs or job promotions. They found love or their relationships improved, and many other unexpected benefits came from the simple act of becoming healthier.

When he measured my aura with his Dermatron, a device that picks up the strength of the chi flow on the meridians of the body, the needle did not budge – no energy.

I placed my focus on working on my own healing, instead of trying to make my life improve by will alone. Lo and behold, I started getting lucky.

The more I addressed my issues, and the more I worked on clearing the consequences from the early abuse, the more nice things started happening to me, “just because.” The needle on the dermatron floated in the middle, showing a strong, but not hyperactive aura.

I once prayed that God send me a man that was independent, made a good income, was charming and a great dancer (hey, I was 24). The Universe delivered a man that was all that I had asked for, and also a cheater, a thief and a con-artist. Yet, I was so lucky this was the man that introduced me to the love of my life (we’ve been married almost 20 years!)

After I knew I would be moving to the United States, I started painting several series of oils so that I could have one solo exhibit before I left my country, knowing full well that all good galleries had to be booked two years in advance. My luck was such I was offered a show at a gallery just a few months before my departure date, with a PR team to promote my exhibit. I had a radio interview, newspaper notes, three spots on national TV and a packed opening night. What great luck!


Unlucky Again

When I first moved to the United States we lived in a small town, where all restaurants closed at 8 or 9 PM. There was no night life except for the casinos on the barges, and that got old very fast. Having come from a large capital city, full of services, culture, outdoor cafes, street art and so many other amenities, I went through severe culture shock while struggling with the difficulties of the first year of marriage. On top of that, I found that I would not be able to practice my profession as an architect unless I went back to school for four years. (I had already been in school 8!)

My vibration dropped, and everything seemed to become a struggle again… until I found Feng Shui!

Feng Shui to the Rescue

I started studying Feng Shui to improve the environment in the home my husband and I had built. I made mistakes, some of the advice I followed was not good. There was so much confusion with so many schools not just teaching different things, but contradicting each other! Many of my students and clients have told me this was their experience too before they met me. Has this been your experience too? Remember you can post comments at the bottom of this page.

I am able to teach easy Feng Shui today because I spent years decoding it and testing it to find out what works and is usable in our culture today. I did not do this alone. One of my spiritual teachers is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and she was my consultant during the development of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System. She helped me sort out what Feng Shui teachings were aligned with the Principles of Traditional Chinese Thought which are at the root of Asian disciplines such as Martial Arts, Acupuncture, Chi-Kung (or Qi-Gong), Tai Chi and Feng Shui.

Once I did this, and started applying this Feng Shui version to my own life, I started getting lucky again, and luckier, and luckier. So lucky that even when people set out to harm me or my business, as some compass school consultants did, it always worked in my favor.

“Bad Luck Again?” How Did I Attract THIS to Me?!

It hadn’t been long after I moved to Tennessee with my husband and two boys that I was rear-ended.

I had stopped because a car in front of me was waiting to take a right turn. I was not tailgating, I was keeping a good distance from the car in front, and I had already stopped for a good three or four seconds when I saw, in the rearview mirror, a car taking the turn behind me, speeding, with the driver looking at the pharmacy sign on the other side of the street. I knew he would hit me so I stepped on the brake even harder. He hit my car so hard that even though my foot was on the brake the whole while, my car was pushed forward for half a block before it stopped. It took five weeks to repair. My children were with me so the first thing I did was get out of the car and check on them, then check that no gas was spilling. They boys were fine. Luckily, the car that had been in front of me, had already taken the turn when I was hit.

The man who hit me was elderly and, judging by the bifocal glass-bottle-bottomed glasses, possibly legally blind. He slurred his words as if he had had a stroke in the past. There was no doubt in my mind that he shouldn’t have been driving.

After confirming that the boys were alright, my first thought was “How did I attract this to myself?”

I had to get chiropractic and physical therapy care for months, dealing with terrible burning pain on my neck, left shoulder and arm and upper back, from the soft tissue damage. I became unable to carry my eleven month old baby.

Over the next several months I tortured myself trying to figure out how I caused this accident.

  • Did I focus on fears of being rear-ended and ended up attracting the accident?
  • Was I having negative thoughts or trying to sabotage myself?
  • Was this accident meant to happen as a lesson for my life? What was I supposed to learn from it?
  • Maybe I was on the wrong track with something and this accident was some sort of “wake up call” to help me “mend my ways.”

None of the above was true, of course. I did not cause the accident. The accident was caused by a man who shouldn’t have been driving, but did, and who was looking to the side instead of ahead. In the realm of the physical there was no way I could be responsible for this accident. But how about the energy realm? Someone suggested that I placed myself at that exact point at the exact time so that I could attract this experience in order to learn something from it. Someone else suggested that the Universe does not make mistakes and that this experience would probably one day help me help others. “You will see,” they said, “in time you will see this as a blessing in disguise.”

The more my spiritual friends tried to help, the more books I read about it, the more videos I watched, the sadder and more confused I got.

The Feng Shui Perspective

Part of my confusion came from the teachings of Traditional Chinese Philosophy, which in case you didn’t know, shares some roots with Shamanism. I once heard a Shaman say that if you are in resonance with Gaia, you could be in the middle of an earthquake and not a single stone would touch your body, you’d be that lucky. The Lucky Six firefighters that survived the collapse of the North Tower in the World Trade Center in 2001 are a good example of this.

Feng Shui teaches that luck is not chance. Luck is what happens within you, around you, and to you as a consequence of the state of your energy field or aura. This knowledge was where much of my confusion came from. We live in spiritual and energetic levels, which you could call floors, the teachings say. You can only have experiences that resonate with the energetic floor or level where your chronic vibration resides. As an aside, most children live in a higher vibrational or energetic level than their parents. Parents who are conscious work on their personal issues so they can rise themselves to the level of their children. Abusive parents pound on their children’s spirits to try and bring them down to their level.

What confounded me was that I was living in a pretty good energetic level. I took care of myself. I ate good foods, did not give in to any vices, was not stressed out, lived a balanced life. When I was hit I was on my way to the gym! The Feng Shui of my home was, of course, really good even though we had just bought it, how was it possible that with my chronic or default vibration in such a good place I could come in contact with this accident?

The old masters said that if an assassin was hired to kill you and your luck was great (strong aura), the assassin would have an accident on his way and would never reach you. If an employee was stealing from you and your luck was great, the employee would make a mistake and be found out quickly. Any person trying to hurt you or anything about you would end up benefitting you, if your luck was great, and often their bad actions would bounce back from your aura, like a mirror and boomerang back to them.

Why Did this Happen to Me?

I called my spiritual teacher and consultant and first asked her to confirm all the information she had given me on luck before. Had I understood things correctly? I had.

Then how was it possible, I asked, that this accident would happen to me. I was supposed to be living in a way, and seeking my own healing, in a way that my aura was always strong.

Gently, my friend asked me what I was thinking, and more importantly, what I was feeling, right before the accident happened.

I wished she hadn’t asked, because I was deeply ashamed to remember that since a few minutes before the accident until right when I stopped behind the other car, I was giving in to intense rage. I had left home a little late, and was not expecting the traffic would be so bad. By the time I made it to the gym and put the boys in the child watch, the class would have already started. The last time I had been to this Pilates class I had also been a few minutes late, and the teacher gave me a look. How dare she give me a look? I thought to myself as I remembered. She is an employee of the gym and I a patron, and I have the right to come in at whichever time I want. If I want to come in five minutes before the class is over, what is that to her? I know it doesn’t sound like much – I don’t curse, even in the privacy of my own mind, but I WAS feeling intense RAGE.

“There you have it,” said my friend. “Rage can produce fractures in the energy field.

Visualize the strong aura as if it was a silk worm cocoon or chrysalis, where the filaments were made of light/chi. This cocoon was impenetrable and protective. When the aura weakens the cocoon weakens. The weakening can happen gradually, due to poor lifestyle choices, or faster due to persistent physical, verbal or emotional abuse. It is not the abuse that weakens the aura, it is the conclusions the person reaches about themselves or about life as a consequence of the abuse, that does the trick. Giving in to rage, not plain anger, but rage, was like taking a knife and cutting the cocoon to open up a wedge. This wedge leaves the person vulnerable to destructive forces, but it only lasts as long as the rage. The consequences of that weakening, though, can be long term. If this happens in what would ordinarily be considered safe circumstances, for example while you are lying in your bed, there will probably be no consequences. If it happens, like it happened to me, while driving during peak hour, the probabilities of having an accident increase.

How I Was Protected

The interesting thing is that my rage ended at the exact instant that I realized the car was going to hit me. My thoughts and emotions turned to love. I prayed, “God, send your angels to protect my boys.” If you ever were in an accident you probably will agree with me that it is true that time seems to slow down – it does. I saw a blinding white light fill the back of the car, the light was similar to that of the giant flashes of single reflex lens cameras used to have before the advent of digital cameras. My oldest, then almost four shouted, “Ho, ho, ho! The troublesome trucks just hit Thomas!” and laughed. (He was referring to the TV series Thomas the Tank Engine, his favorite).

My youngest son made no sound. I ran out of the car and opened the door right behind me to reach him. He had fallen asleep and had not woken up. He took a deep breath and continued sleeping. The day before I had switched him to a sturdier car seat for toddlers, because my little Houdini had learned to get out of the infant car seat. That is when I realized… I had not buckled him. When I put him in the car earlier, my oldest son had started running toward the street and I went after him. I picked him up, put him in the car, buckled him, and then got in my seat and buckled myself. He didn’t even wake up.

Did the Accident Help Me?

Many people would now want me to tell you how the accident was a blessing, what I learned from it, and why I ended up more convinced that everything happens for a reason.

On TV you often hear stories about how people were living an “ungodly life” until they had an accident, a surgery, or a near death experience, and then changed their ways. That was not my case. I was living a good life, and I had recently made some changes so that our lives as a family would be even better. The accident did not help me become a better person. I was already on my way to becoming a better person. The accident only made everything I had to do, more difficult.

Many others would like me to come out and say that I learned important lessons from this accident, that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned. They would say that his accident was meant to happen and that it forms part of everything that makes me who I am today. I am who I was going to be anyway. My path was clear. The additional knowledge I got about luck from my teacher after the accident, would probably have come out in a casual, happy conversation, of the many we had, where she shared so many things with me. The accident only made it harder for me to be me and to express my uniqueness, because I had to deal with the trauma for years, and I am still working on getting my right shoulder to the strength I would like it to have.

The accident didn’t happen to teach me a lesson, or to make me a better person. It happened because a distracted man found an energy match in my temporary rage, which weakened my energy field. I learned from it, like I would learn from any other experience and from the experience of others, but I didn’t learn from the accident anything that I couldn’t have learned better in other ways.

A strong aura produces good luck, which greatly reduces the probabilities that bad things will happen, but they can still happen. When something bad happens, the strong aura helps YOU reduce the impact that the event has in your life. For example, even though the accident was so bad my car had to be in the shop for five weeks, we did not have any serious injuries. The boys had spinal subluxations that were easily corrected with timely chiropractic care. My recovery took longer and it was painful – still is sometimes – but when you compare it with the forces the car was subjected to… I was blessed and protected by my angels just as my kids were, only I did what I would later learn was a bad idea: I braced myself for the impact, and my tension against the seat belt produced the soft tissue damage.

A strong aura also helps you find ways to get better, to turn what happened into a blessing, even when what happened is not a blessing in itself.

Not everything is good – sometimes bad things happen to good people– but good can come from all. When something happens that you wish hadn’t happened, you can choose to be bitter about it or to do what needs to be done in order to get better, and better.

My spiritual teacher mentioned something else about life, energy and luck that her master teacher taught her: that you could be doing all the right things and yet something may happen because it was in your destiny. She said, “You could take a patient to a doctor, and the doctor could diagnose the condition correctly, and find that this condition can be healed with a treatment, and apply the treatment correctly and in a timely manner, but if it is in that person’s destiny to die that day, they will still die.”

Destiny refers to the things you agreed to before you came into this life.

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