How to Raise Your Vibration with Feng Shui

People say, “if you keep doing what you’ve been doing you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.” Sounds like a great motivational line, but maybe you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing because of where you are at. In order to do different you need to raise your chronic vibrational level.

Teachers of the Law of Attraction accurately teach that in order to manifest a better life than you have been manifesting so far, you need to raise your vibration.

They wrongly teach, however, that the way to raise your vibration is to have only positive thoughts.

Positive thinking is indeed the first step to manifesting and it is invaluable in the process of raising our vibration. However, positive thinking alone will only raise the conscious vibration, while manifesting is really produced by the chronic, or deeper-mind vibration.

Raising Your Vibration

Feng Shui can help raise both your conscious and your chronic or default vibration.

Your chronic vibration is what you feel when you first wake up in the morning — before your yoga or meditation practice, before your morning walk and before that first cup of coffee (if caffeine is the way you choose to lift yourself up in the mornings).

I have met meditators and people with a deep practice of yoga that manage to keep themselves in good functioning shape by zealously dealing with their negative thoughts and emotions in their daily practices. However, because they are not dealing with the source cause of their negative thoughts and emotions, they are condemned to repeat their cleansing-cobwebs-from their heads routine daily. Their success in life does not reflect the clean and clear vibration they project to the world, which puzzles the people around them. Whenever they get out of their routine, their mental and emotional decline is very fast.

Your social vibration rules your relationships, and it is certainly healthier to clear your mind and your emotional body every day than it would be to not do it. However, it is infinitely more powerful to tackle the deeply set issues that have been generating negative thoughts and emotions, via profound healing.

Raising Your Chronic Vibration

Your chronic vibration is the vibration of your deeper mind (what is most commonly known as the unconcious mind) and it is the one that decides what you are able to manifest and what not.

It is the vibration of the deeper mind that is crucial in manfiesting because it is the deeper mind that is in direct contact with Heaven or Source.

Your deeper mind connects with Heaven to download instructions on how to achieve your dreams, but then that vibration charges your aura or energy field and this determines what you attract in life, what you are able to create and your ability to align with the Tao and its Universal Winds.

The deeper mind, just as your body, was designed with self healing mechanisms. These mechanisms for mental healing are activated by the same conditions that would procure physical healing, and these are:


1. Getting enough sleep Sleeping well is the keystone of health for a couple of reasons: one is that the lungs go into a deep breathing and cleansing mode and deep breathing is one way that chi circulation is regulated in the body. The second reason is that without enough quality sleep, it becomes harder to achieve any of the other conditions for healing.

2. Nutrition. Good natural foods work at replenishing your body and helping it heal and repair. When you eat processed foods you are also ingesting a number of non-food items that are extremely hard for your body to deal at a physical level, but which also affect thinking and lower the vibration of the energy field or aura. Check out the book How to Eat to learn how you can improve the way you eat. Nutrition includes choosing the best beverages for you, and finding out the right amount of liquids for you to ingest every day. Proper kitchen and dining room Feng Shui can help you in your purpose to eat healthier.

3. Sunshine and fresh air. There is a lot of information out there talking about the dangers of the sun, usually promoted by the sellers of sunscreen, but full health is impossible without some sun exposure. Make sure you get some sunshine every day that the sun is out. Avoid the sun during the hottest times of the day, usually between noon and 3 PM. Ten minutes of sun exposure a day can do wonders for your mood and the strength of your bones. By the same token, outside air is necessary for health, and this is true even if you live in the city, because of the energetic qualities that it has. Air outside is charged with chi coming from the sunshine and it also receives the benefits of negative ions during the rain. If you live in an area where because of pollution you don’t feel right being outside a lot, plan hiking or walking trips into your routine. Back home, make sure you have plenty of air cleaning plants and an air ionizing fan (not an air purifier, but a simple fan).

4. Movement. You may not like excercise, but your body does, and your body will always respond to work. You wil not be dissapointed. Give your body movement that gets your heart and lung to work a little harder, movement that improves your flexibility, and movement that strengthens the muscles and thus helps the bones.

5. Healthy relationships. Relationships determine a great deal of your emotions. Avoid people who are prone to drama, and feel free to disconnect from people who do not wish for or work towards helping you achieve your Highest Good. Do not accept abuse. Respect others and also expect respect from them. Feng Shui can help improve the quality of relationships by reducing sources of irritation around the space.

6. Good media. We are constantly bombarded by less-than-love messages via email, social media sites, the news, even billboards along the road. It is always a good idea to lessen your exposure to these kinds of messages, but some of them cannot be avoided. Counteract their effect by choosing uplifting and life-affirming books, movies and audio books.

7. Allow yourself to feel ALL emotions. Emotions are energy in motion and they fulfill functions in the re-balancing of the body, heart and mind after upsets or trauma. Emotions lead to balancing actions. I will write more extensively about this in the future, but to give you a few examples: crying helps release grief; shrieking helps relieve fear; shouting helps let go of anger (go to a ball game, don’t shout at your loved ones); laughter helps break apathy and singing helps clear obsessions. FURTHERMORE: not allowing emotions to run their course can seriously block your luck in particular life areas.

All these healthy habits will help kick in the self healing mechanisms for your body, your emotional body and your mind. These will have an effect in the condition of your energy field.

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