Blocks to Manifesting: Doubt

Doubt is one of the greatest stops to manifesting.

In the three dimensional reality we inhabit, all processes take time.

Even though a prayer may be answered instantly, it may still take a while for us to realize that it has been answered, and it is during this interval that doubts can create havoc in our manifesting powers.

Say for example that I have prayed to get a new smart phone, and that my husband has bought me exactly the phone I want and wants to surprise me for my birthday, but my birthday is not until May 30 (hint, hint) and so I might not even know that the phone I wanted is already in the house, and conclude that I asked, but did not receive.

I could look at the price of phones and get discouraged, then doubt that getting this phone was really the best thing to do at this time. I might tell my husband I don’t need the phone after all, and that I will make do with my old phone until later, when I am eligible to get the phone with a greater discount. I could also get a “sour grapes” attitude about this phone in particular, and declare that it is not all that after all. What could be my husband’s response to this? Would he give it to me anyway? Would he return it and get me a phone from another brand? If he did, I would end up with a phone that was not really my first choice, but the result of my frustration.

Have you ever found yourself praying in a manner similar to the paragraph below?

I really, really want to get that job, please help me get that job… unless you don’t think its the right kind of job for me… after all I have security where I am at now, and one never knows in a new place, I could get fired!… but then the pay is good and it has great benefits… but there’s the commute situation and so many things can go wrong on the highway… but its such a great opportunity and my wife will be so happy… but then what if she or the children need me and I’m more than an hour away… now if things go well we could even move to a bigger house closer to my new workplace… but they would miss their friends… but the schools are better were we would be moving… I really want this job, help me get this job, God, and I’ll be good, I promise, I won’t ever miss church again.

If you pray like this, the Universe may put you on hold until you have decided what you really want! Know what you want before you ask. It isn’t always easy to make decisions, but don’t start praying for a certain grace until you have first prayed for clarity and guidance in making the right decision.

The Universe will not begin to respond with an answer until you’re finished asking. Changing your mind and hesitation are the greatest enemies of prayer, and both stem from a destructive emotion: “doubt”.

Using Feng Shui to create physical, three dimensional prayers in your home and workplace can help you overcome your doubts.


When you use Feng Shui Cures for the Life Areas to set goals for each of the nine life areas in your home, you are in fact making a three dimensional statement for what you desire for your life.

For example, you may be playing with the idea of visiting Italy this year, but as long as this is just a thought, you may keep changing your mind, going back and forth as events happen in your daily life. If you get a commission, you might think to yourself, I am definitely visiting Italy this year! but if the air conditioning breaks, then you might tell yourself that you shouldn’t spend your money on a trip when things like this could happen any time.

However, if you wish to go to Italy and get postcards or photos of the places you want to visit in Italy and place them in the corner of the home that represents travel (the right corner to the front) you will be giving the Universe a consistent message that you want to make this trip.

Hesitation and doubt disappear when you make a statement in the three dimensional world. Though your thoughts may still vary, you are constantly feeding your deeper mind with the goal to make a trip to Italy. Your deeper mind is the part of your mind that connects directly with your own Higher Self and the Divine Providence, and is key in manifesting. Your deeper mind works in the background seeking ways to get you to your goals; your deeper mind also identifies opportunities in the energetic grid with which you can connect.

Placing 6 images of the places you want to visit in Italy would even be more powerful. Why? Because the energy of travel resonates with the number 6, as 6 in Feng Shui symbolizes logistics, coordination, and possibilities.

Whenever we ask of the Universe something that is new, bold, or in some way “out of character,” the Universe double-checks to make sure that this is really what we want.

For example, a client decides to leave a job and start her own business, but just as she is getting ready to give her two-week-notice, her boss calls her in and offers her a promotion.

This is her opportunity to show the Universe if she is serious in her request to be in business by herself.

If her main motivation to go solo is to make more money, she will take the promotion, and give the Universe the message that being an entrepreneur is not a priority.

If her heart is truly on being her own boss, she will decline the promotion and show the Universe she is seriously choosing a new path.

Neither decision would be right or wrong on its own. Each can only be right or wrong in the context of what her heart is seeking.

Let’s Play a Decluttering Game to Release Doubts

Here is a decluttering exercise to eliminate doubt and at the same time, learn to have faith while allowing the processes of the universe to take place:

Find six invitations or coupons that have expired, and recycle them. If you wish to, repeat this every six days until you no longer have expired invitations or expired coupons in the home.

BEFORE you start this decluttering exercise, set the intent to receive clear messages in regard to your path, and to eliminate doubts regarding your life mission or missions.

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