Resolution No. 10: Reduce Arguments

This article is part of a series called, “New Years Resolutions Worth Having.”

Today, I am sharing with you a tip for resolution number 10: Reduce Arguments


People are often surprised when I tell them that items in their home may be increasing arguments. Or that addressing issues in their home has the potential to reduce arguments.

Arguments will happen for as long as 2 people or more live together. However, the frequency of arguments can be affected by little sources of irritability or annoyances in the home.

There are several issues in the home that can increase arguments by increasing irritability. Luckily, the worst of these issues is also the easiest to correct.

So which is the one action that you can take at home to reduce arguments?


To Reduce Arguments, Oil Those Door Hinges!

Squeaky doors are often used in movies to add to the creepiness of a scene or a location. You do not want that creepiness at home!

You might think that a creaky door could not possibly add to your stress level, or make you more irritable. However, imagine coming through that same creaky door on a day that you have a headache, or a migraine. A squeaky door is a sign that a home is not being properly maintained.

Adding oil to the hinges of a squeaky door is simple and inexpensive. Very easy to do!

Other Argument Breeders

While we are talking about the subject of reducing arguments, here are other actions you could take to reduce the potential for arguments at home:

  • Fix drawers that are getting stuck. Many times, drawers get stuck because they are overfilled.
  • Place rubber door stoppers on walls or furniture that are being hit by door knobs.
  • Cover up wall corners, or sharp corners in furniture.
  • Artwork with violent themes or content.

Work to create harmony in our spaces at home, and you will, at the same time, create more harmony in your life.








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