What’s In a Mailbox? The Feng Shui of a Mailbox

In the digital age, there are many things that used to come through the mailbox, that now are delivered electronically. In Feng Shui, the mailbox is very important, because it still holds a very powerful symbolism associated with all that used to come through it.

feng shui mailbox

What’s in a Mailbox?

Think about all the things you might get (or used to get) through the mailbox:

  • Bills
  • Paychecks.
  • Coupons and special offers.
  • Business letters.
  • Personal letters.

In addition, many suburban homes do not have the house number on the building, but on the mailbox.

The Importance of the Number on Your Mailbox, in Feng Shui

People visiting your home for the first time, will now they have found the right address by the number on your mailbox.

Private shipping companies, such as UPS, DHL, and Fedex are able to deliver your orders to your doorstep thanks to that number on your mailbox.

You may already have figured out that if that number is not clear, or missing, people may get upset at you.

It has happened, that when I went to a client’s home I only found their place by looking at the house numbers in their neighbors’ mailboxes. In other words, by elimination.

If the number on your mailbox is not clear, it generates ill will!

A Scary Mailbox is Bad Feng Shui

Sometimes, I find clients have let vines grow all around their mailbox, so it becomes impossible to see the number, and very hard to reach for the opening. Other times, there are insects or spiders that have made their homes in them. Some mailboxes are banged up, and others titled so much they look like they are defying gravity.

Anything scary around your mailbox will create ill will.

Good Feng Shui Mailbox

Make sure to keep your mailbox clean and in good condition. The numbers should be clear, and large enough to be seen from a moving car. Ideally, you should have numbers on both sides of the mailbox, but if you can only afford numbers for one side, make that the side from where the most traffic comes from. In other words, the side of the mailbox that is closest to the busiest street.

If your mailbox is on a post, plant something pretty at the base of the mailbox, something where the final height doesn’t go above half the height of the mailbox.

What was the best thing you ever got in your mailbox? What was the scariest thing? Share below with a “reply.”








  1. I removed my mailbox because it was being damaged so often. I obtained a P.O. Box to receive my mail. What is the Feng Shui of this?

    • Cathy, if you do not have a mailbox, then you need to make sure that the home numbers on the building itself are large, clear, and easily visible from the street.

  2. Moni we have to have our mailbox portable so that during the very heavy snowfall season we can move it off of the gravel area closer to the street so the snow plow will not destroy it. That means we do not have the beautiful flowers in the berm area close to it actually growing up around the base like I would prefer. We do have the large numbers on it on the busier side and front also. Suggestions?

    • Hi Jennie, you could paint something pretty on the mailbox. If it is metal you could get a decorative magnet.The important thing is that it be clean, in good condition, and attractive.

  3. Hi Moni, Love your blog! I just purchased a home and the mailbox is currently on the house, by the side entrance, off the driveway. Should it be placed by the front door for better chi? Or does that matter?

  4. Hi Moni,

    I have a neighbor who has asked me to move my mailbox because it is aligned with their front door. They bought their house 3 yrs ago. I have been in mine for 14 yrs.

    They knew the mailbox was a Feng Shui issue when they bought their house. I don’t want to appear unreasonable, but I why I should have to go through the process of contacting the Postmaster to obtain approval to have it moved 8 to 10 inches when it is not my problem. Any suggestions?

    • Karolyn,

      In my opinion, they should take care of the move, the expense, and any errand related to the project that doesn’t have to be done specifically by you. I don’t have a photo of the situation so I am not sure what Feng Shui problem they are trying to fix. If the location of the mailbox is such that people are confused as to which house the mailbox belongs to, then correcting this would be beneficial for both homes.

  5. Does the color of the mailbox matter? I was looking for a plain silver mailbox but they are impossible to find. I have decided on a bright red box. It will be mounted at the end of my short driveway. BTW: My house # is “4” which I know is a Feng shui issue. I plan to put a red circle around the house #on the house. Thanks so much

  6. I have my mailbox aligned of my front door. It is not directly in front but it is by the curb. Does the location of mailbox being in front of my front door create any dysfunctions?

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