12 Truths and 12 Rules for Love (Feng Shui for Love)


Erroneous beliefs about love may keep women from finding a partner, but they also keep married women from finding love with their current partner.

As a Feng Shui Consultant, I have found as much lack of love in married couples as I have in single people who have never been married.

I am sure you have seen hundreds of articles and tips on “keeping love alive.”

Feng Shui is not concerned with keeping love alive, because love needs no help to stay alive.

Love grows naturally, it’s what it does. Unless a couple is actively working at destroying love, through deceit or abuse, love grows.

Feng Shui has a practical, realistic view of love. In this realistic view of love, romanticism plays a very small part, and only at the beginning.

Marriage is a legal and spiritual contract that goes far beyond going out on dates and enjoying each other.

If more people understood that real love is not all that romantic, they would be a lot happier. This does not mean that there cannot be romance in love. It means that a relationship built on romance alone is doomed to fail.

12 Truths About Love

In Feng Shui, there are 12 truths about love that you would do well to understand:

  1. It is a mistake to think that any issues with self-worth or self esteem will be resolved by getting the attention or the love of a particular person.
  2. If your are the queen of your own heart, you don’t need to look for someone to “treat you like a queen.” Besides, the lives of queens are not necessarily happy, and they are certainly not free.
  3. If you look for someone to sweep you off your feet, it means you have been very deficient at creating happiness for yourself.
  4. You can’t ask someone to love you as you are, if you don’t love yourself as you are.
  5. No one has an obligation to fulfill your ideal of what a love interest should be like.
  6. You do not have the obligation to fulfill another person’s ideal of what you should be like.
  7. You can only be happy in love if you are honest about your shortcomings.
  8. The only person you should be trying to improve is you.
  9. The only person you should be trying to impress is you.
  10. If someone gets out the worst in you, that person is not a good partner for you.
  11. If you or your partner walk around saying you are “best friends,” it is likely that a healthy sexual tension is lacking.
  12. No one has the right to dump their negativity on you. You are not a dumpster.

12 Rules of Love in Feng Shui

There are 12 rules about love that you would do well to follow.

I wrote a series of articles about these 12 rules of love. Each message includes a tip on something you can do at home to improve your love life, whether you are married or single. Click on the link to read each article.

Get ready to change your paradigms about love. Get ready to be happy in love.

  1. Don’t live love in the past
  2. Don’t live love in the future
  3. Don’t change yourself to please another
  4. Don’t ask someone to change in order to please you
  5. Don’t give a partner power over your looks, or your worth
  6. Don’t confuse stories about love with love
  7. Stay clear from distorted ideas about sex
  8. Love is only exciting in the beginning, deal with it
  9. Let love grow over time
  10. It is not your lover’s duty to make you happy
  11. It is not your duty to make your lover happy
  12. Just because a relationship ended, it doesn’t mean you made a mistake

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