Feng Shui for Post-Election-Stress


Some of you have asked me if you could do something with Feng Shui to deal with post-election stress.

For this, I want to tell you a story:

When I was 5 years old, growing up in Ecuador (South America), our family moved to live in an apartment building that had belonged to my paternal grandmother, who had passed on.

We moved into the second floor. My grandmother had rented the apartment on the third floor to a very mysterious man.

A Mysterious Neighbor

This man claimed to be from the United States, and independently wealthy, so he didn’t need to work. He had installed a gigantic and extremely expensive parabolic antennae on the terrace above his apartment, and said he was a radio aficionado. He kept very strange hours, which he justified by saying he communicated with people all over the world via his radio. Sometimes he wouldn’t leave the apartment in days, and sometimes he would be gone for several days. He was average height, with dark curly hair and olive skin. He had an untidy beard, and wore clothes that defied his claim of wealth. The rare times he said anything, he spoke in Spanish — with no accent.

Some people in the neighborhood believed he was a CIA agent. Others were doubtful of this. They didn’t even believe he was an American.

My brother and I were in the latter group. Back then, all we knew about the USA was what we saw on TV shows like The Beverly Hillbillies, or Adam 12, or movies starred by Abbot and Costello. Based on what we saw on these series and movies, we believed all Americans were of Anglo-Saxon descent. If they spoke any Spanish, they did so with an accent. We were intrigued about the antenna, however, and wondered if he was indeed a spy. We made outrageous plans on how we were going to climb inside the apartment through a window and figure out what he was really up to.

Our plans never had a chance to mature or be put into practice, because — thank goodness — not long after we moved, the man’s lease expired, and my father asked him to leave. The man left immediately, without protesting. My father belonged to the group of people who believed he was in fact a CIA agent.

Many years later, a book came out called I Used to Be a CIA Agent. It was an expose of CIA activities in Ecuador and other Latin American countries. Wouldn’t you know it, while the man’s name was never revealed, this book described an American CIA agent that looked exactly like our neighbor, with details that led us to believe it was indeed him.

Perception Is not Reality, but Our Actions Are Based on Perception

You may be wondering why I am telling you this story, and when I am going to get to the Feng Shui part. As the results of the USA elections were announced last week, this story has been popping in my mind incessantly, wanting to be told. Here is why this story is relevant to Feng Shui:

Our perception of our environment affects our beliefs and our actions. When I was a child, the USA was already a diverse country. If you think about it, the country was diverse from its inception. Native Americans, Europeans, Africans — they and other ethnicities were there before the country was founded. My perception of the USA, however, was based on what I perceived from an environment called a TV, at a time when American TV shows presented almost no diversity. From that environment I had decided an individual could not possibly be an American if he was not of Anglo-Saxon descent. Because my information was incorrect, my conclusions were incorrect.  My father, on the other hand, had visited the USA several times. He was also, as an adult, able to perceive things that went over our heads.

Conclusions often lead to actions, so you want your conclusions to lead to good actions.

At home, the objects and the furniture you own, the artwork on your walls and the books on your shelves, they are all telling a story. If that story matches who you are and who you wish to become in the future, you have good Feng Shui. The feedback you get from your environment is feeding your purposes and goals. However, if the story does not match who you are and who you wish to be, you have bad Feng Shui. The stories your home tells about you, lead you to take actions. Are those actions helping you or hurting you?

Good or Bad Feng Shui Affects Your Perception

Good Feng Shui is like having a supporting parent that tells you, “Well done! You are doing great!” Bad Feng Shui is like having an abusive parent, that tells you, “You cannot do anything right. You are doomed to fail.”

Your perceptions of your own reality can differ greatly, depending on how your home is arranged.

The same applies to any country you live in: if you surround yourself with a negative environment, you will reach the conclusion that your country sucks! However, if you curate your environment, surrounding yourself with loving, positive people, good books, good information, and good spaces, you will reach the conclusion that you live in a great country.

The news media are experts in telling bad stories, stories of horror, stories that bleed, because if it bleeds, it leads.

If you surround yourself with the news at all times, you start believing that false mirror of the country in which you live. A much more accurate mirror of what things really are like is to pay attention to what is happening in your community right now. For reassurance that the world is a beautiful, peaceful place, look outside your window instead of inside a screen.

Why It Hurts so Much (the Election Results)

If your candidate lost, or the candidate you didn’t want won, ask yourself, “Why does it hurt so much?”

If your candidate won, and now people are upset at you because of your choice, ask yourself, “Why does it hurt so bad?”

Many people project onto political elections their own family dynamics.

If you are upset that Trump won because you think he is a bully, think about what bullies you have had to deal with in your life. What is being stirred up here, that may require healing?

If you are upset because people are assuming that you are this or that because you voted for Trump, and it hurts real bad, ask yourself, “Who am I still trying to please?”

Ultimately, no political candidate is worth you losing a friend or estranging a family member over him or her. Friendships are lost, family members estranged, because political exchanges trigger other relational issues that both people have not worked out among themselves.

Healthy family relations and close friendships only work when you have healthy energetic boundaries.

A Feng Shui Cure

Some of you have asked me if I could provide some Feng Shui cures for post-election stress. My advice is that you work with time and space:

Regarding time, go back to your regular routines as soon as possible. Put special attention in doing things that are good for you or that you love to do.

Regarding space, do this: move your dining table around. If you can turn it 90 degrees and it fits well in your dining room, do that. If your table can only fit in the dining area one way, rotate it 180 degrees.

Our family did this, and we started feeling better immediately. 

The dining area is related to ancestors and community, how you relate with groups of people inside and outside the family. Do this especially if you are disappointed with the election results.

Educate Yourself

I hope I have made a point on how the stories your home is telling you, day in and day out, are affecting your outcomes. What can you do to improve those stories? Educate yourself about Feng Shui. I have hundreds of articles on this website that you can check out. At the top right corner of this page there is a search box, so you can look up Feng Shui articles about your particular interests.

One of the best and inexpensive ways to learn Feng Shui is to read my do-it-yourself books. You can also take some courses on my training website. Prices on these courses range from $0 to $1,800 (if you want to make Feng Shui into your profession).  In between, you can find courses on:

There are many things in your life that you cannot control. One example of things you cannot control are the results of elections. What you can control, is the peace, harmony and balance of your own home. Educate yourself about Feng Shui, to make positive changes in your life. Strengthen the aspects of your life that are already good, and make the bad aspects of your life great. Click here to explore Feng Shui Courses.











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