Resolution No. 11: Increase Your Sense of Self-Worth

This article is part of a series called, “New Years Resolutions Worth Having.”

Today, I am sharing with you a tip for resolution number 11: Increase Your Sense of Self-Worth


When I was a teenager, I read a book called “In Search of Poise,” written by a British top model trainer.

In her chapter about beauty, the author said that it was very important to remember that every woman is more beautiful than the image she sees in the mirror. Right before leaving the house, a woman gives herself a stern look in the mirror:

  • Looking for anything that requires fixing.
  • Wishing for things to be different.
  • Berating herself about her aspect.

However, according to the author, as soon as the woman leaves her home and starts interacting with other people, her face lights up by her genuine interest in other people. She makes eye contact, she smiles. Her face becomes “more alive,” and in becoming more alive, she gains beauty.

More Than Self-Esteem

Self-esteem, so often talked about in psychology, is only one part of a person’s sense of self-worth. Your worth cannot be measured, because you are a spiritual being, a co-creator of reality. Your self-worth is independent from your accomplishments, your wealth, or your looks.

We can only measure your sense of self-worth, as your actual self-worth is infinite.

Unless you were raised by highly evolved parents, and only exposed to highly evolved teachers, you probably have encountered in your life plenty of instances were someone attacked your sense of self-worth. They may have done this by making you feel inadequate, unattractive, or stupid.

Whatever has eroded your sense of self-worth over the years, there is one thing you can do at home to start building a strong sense of self-worth, including self-esteem.


To Increase Your Sense of Self-Worth, Watch those Mirrors!

Go through all the mirrors in your home and remove the following:

  • Mirrors that are concave or convex.
  • Mirrors that are tiled or fragmented.
  • Mirrors with bevels (or cover the bevels).
  • Mirrors with exposed edges (or cover the edges).

To increase your sense of self-worth, the first step is to make sure that every single mirror in your home gives you a faithful and accurate representation of yourself.

The second step is to smile at yourself when you see yourself in the mirror, so you get a sense of the true beauty that other people see in you.

Everything You Believe to Be True About Life is Expressed in Your Home

You affect your home and your home, in turn, has an effect on you. You establish a feedback loop with your place.

The feedback loop may be positive or negative, but it’s never neutral.

Feng Shui – applied the right way – gives you control over what your home tells you, and whether your home is your supportive partner or a constant drain.

Let the home take care of you by applying the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System with Moni.


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