There Is a Purpose to Your Being Here – Creating Heaven on Earth


In Feng Shui we talk about three levels of existence: Heaven, Earth and Humankind, represented by Thoughts, Actions, and Emotions. Humans are considered the connectors of Heaven and Earth. You are here to pick ideas from Heaven, motivate yourself via emotions, and make those ideas a reality in the physical world, through action.

Last week, I wrote to you about Heaven. Today, I want to talk to you about Humankind.

A Special Set of Skills

One of my favorite TV series of all times is Burn Notice. I love that the main actor is also the narrator of the story. I love how knowledgeable and accomplished the character is — he knows his stuff.

If you haven’t watched Burn Notice, it is a story of a man who used to be an unofficial asset for the CIA. He was never officially “in the books,” but had a “handler” that gave him special missions.

In the first episode of the series, Michael Weston gets burned, blacklisted for all government related operations. This is the start of an unofficial career as a helper of people in need in Miami, where his special skills are needed.

When people approach him, they ask him to help with things that he is qualified to do. These things may include freeing a young woman from a human trafficking rink, or recovering money that someone stole from an older lady.

No one ever approaches Michael Weston asking advice on how to raise kids, or how to bake cookies.

Your Life Missions and Your Set of Skills

In Feng Shui we believe that you came to life with missions. Just like Michael Weston, as a CIA asset, was at some point given missions all over the world, based on his particular skill set, you came to this lifetime with a very special set of skills, that were given to you to assist you in accomplishing your life mission(s). Heaven only asks that you do things that you are qualified to do (or that you can become qualified to do, sometimes you do need to get training before you can accomplish your missions).

In a previous message, I shared with you that for most people their life mission(s) only become clear on hindsight. In the present, you can only have a knowing that you are on the right path, and that you are taking your next right step.

Every Step with Your Heart

The only way to really know if you are on the right track, is to check every step with your heart. You are a spiritual being inhabiting a physical body. The combination of your spirit and your body are what we call a human soul. Your spirit has to lower its vibration in order to live in your body. Feng Shui teaches that there is only one part of your body were the spirit can exist in its natural high vibration state: the hollow spaces inside your heart.

By the way, we know that life missions are real and not just an interesting concept, because people actually develop a range of physical ailments when they deviate too far from their life missions. Many schools of acupuncture actually have treatment protocols to assist people suffering from these ailments.

Only Things You Use and Love

This is the real reason that a very common Feng Shui advice is to live only with the things you use and love. Usually, if you do not love something in your home, there is a powerful reason behind it. Not loving something in your home actually can weaken your energy. This is also the reason that when I created a course on decluttering, I called it Declutter from the Heart. When your heart is into doing something, it happens smoothly and seamlessly. When your heart is not into it, it does not happen, or it happens with lots of blunders!

All the life missions of all human beings have a common denominator, and it is this: to bring Heaven to Earth.

Heaven on Earth

This means that when facing a tough decision, one important question to ask is: Would the actions stemming from this decision help bring Heaven to Earth? If the answer is no, then it is not a good decision!

How do you start bringing Heaven to Earth? That is easy! You start by bringing Heaven to your home. If there is no harmony, no balance, no peace in your home, how effective can you be in influencing the rest of the world?

Home is where you should get nurtured with beauty, acceptance and love. When you put love into your home, your home loves you back. When your home loves you back, you become empowered to do all the things you came to do, for yourself, for your kids, for your community.

Making sure that your home establishes a positive feedback loop for your life is essential for your happiness.

Your Home Should Work for You!

Do not allow your home to work against you. The messages your home tells you are your responsibility. Learn about Feng Shui. Make small changes at home so that you can generate significant positive changes in your life! When planning to spend your holiday money on yourself (you are setting some money aside for yourself, right?), ask this question: Will this purchase help me create Heaven on Earth?

If unsure whether to take online Feng Shui courses at this time is for you, ask the question: Is this my next right step? If the answer does not come to you immediately, consult the I-Ching.

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