It’s About Action, not Stuff – Creating Happiness for Yourself and Others


In Feng Shui we talk about three levels of existence: Heaven, Earth and Humankind, represented by Thoughts, Actions, and Emotions. Humans are considered the connectors of Heaven and Earth. You are here to pick ideas from Heaven, motivate yourself via emotions, and make those ideas a reality in the physical world, through action.

Two weeks ago, I wrote to you about Heaven. Last week, about Humankind. Today, I want to talk to you about Earth.

Many people who teach Feng Shui, say that Heaven represents thoughts (correct), that Humankind represents emotions (correct) and that Earth represents the physical world (incorrect!).

The concept of the Earth plane of existence, in Feng Shui, is not about the physicality of the planet, but about what people are on this planet are here to do.

Earth symbolizes human action. In Feng Shui, however, human action is not the Western culture idea of “just do it!” It is not about driving power, or pushing through, setting goals and knocking down obstacles along the way. It is more complex than that.

Enter Wu-Wei

Wu-Wei is a Chinese concept translated as the art of non-action or not doing.

Wu Wei encompasses:

  1. Knowing when to act, and when to refrain from action.
  2. Knowing when to delay action until circumstances are auspicious.
  3. Knowing what is the right action to take (or not) at any given moment.
  4. Knowing how much energy and effort to devote to any particular action.

In order to practice Wu-Wei, you need to be in tune with the Tao. The Tao is the mysterious power that is the source of all creation. The Tao created the Universe. The Universe works with natural laws and cycles. These natural laws and cycles create currents, much like those of wind and water. Feng means water, and Shui means wind. Water is related to money, and wind to wealth.

If you would like to learn about the 9 principles of Universal Law, please watch the video below:

It’s Just Natural!

In Feng Shui we believe that it is natural for you to come by money and create wealth. If you are doing what you are here to do, there is a value for your presence in your community. With the online world being what it is today, your community may be spread out all over the world. (Mine is!) There being a value for your presence, means that you are needed in your community. If you did not exist, there would be a void, and other people’s lives would not be as happy. You may be someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, someone’s spouse — that just your influence with your family. How much harder would their life be if you were not here?

Now think about your community: your work, your church, the groups you belong to.  You are a blessing to many. I would like you to be a blessing to more. (Keep reading.)

The way you live your life and seek your happiness, cannot be separated from the way you relate to money and to wealth. Many spiritual healers and light workers have problems with money and wealth, as they consider them unclean. If this is you, know this: you need to clean your thoughts and emotions about money and wealth before you can fulfill your destiny. Being at odds with the ways in which humanity circulates and grows resources can never help you grow spiritually. By the way, Bill Austin and I have a wonderful resource to help you clear your issues around money and wealth. Check it out here. But if you need to work on these issues at a deeper level, try the course package in the Feng Shui Manifesting Course that groups all the modules about money and wealth.

Answer the Call

I want to see you answer the call from your soul to do that which would make you most happy. In Feng Shui we believe that that which would make you most happy is also what would be of the most benefit to others. You may have been raised to think that unless you suffer and sacrifice, you cannot please God. That is not true. I am here to tell you that before you came to life you designed your life with God. God’s will is your will, and God wants you to fulfill your potential in a state of happiness and health.

This is not about catering to your every desire or selfishly looking only for your own advantage. It’s about discovering who you are and what will really make you happy, at a deep level. Feng Shui can teach you how to be happier. Once you are happier, you will be able to help your loved ones to be happier too. If you follow your heart to Become a Feng Shui Consultant you will be able to help many people be healthier and happier, but you do not have to become a Feng Shui Consultant to study Feng Shui. What you will learn in a Feng Shui Consultant Training Course will transform your life, either way.









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