Cures Printed from the Internet are Bad Luck – Feng Shui Myth or Truth?

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When faced with a need for a Feng Shui cure, many people turn to the internet.

They go to Google or Pinterest and search for whatever they are looking for. If they find the image they need, they simply print it out, then place it in their homes.

You may have heard warnings against doing this, or you may even have been told that doing this will bring you bad luck.

You may have experienced having no results or poor results from Feng Shui cures you printed out of the internet. You may have heard from someone else who had great results.

So what is the truth? Is printing Feng Shui cures out of the internet bad luck? Feng Shui Myth or Truth?

feng-shui-truthThese Cures for Money Were Not Working

Some time ago, a client asked me to help her resolve her money issues and find a job.

I recommended for her a set of five cures designed to help her align her own intent with that of inviting more abundance, while limiting unnecessary expenses.

This set of cures included placing a waterfall near her main door. I sent her a link to the waterfall images I offer in my store, but told her she didn’t necessarily have to get one of these images.

Almost immediately, things started improving, and she was called for several job interviews.

However, within a few weeks, she had received no job offers, even though a couple of interviews had been promising. In one of them, she had practically been told that the job was hers.

I asked her about the cures one by one, to make sure she had placed them correctly. She had. Then I asked her about the origin of each of the cures.

She Printed a Waterfall Off of the Internet

It turns out that she had printed the waterfall off of the internet without permission.

I had her replace that image, and her luck turned for the better. Her money situation improved and she was able to meet all her needs easily.

You see, in printing an image from the internet without permission of its owner, she was engaging in an act of piracy. You cannot really, in good conscience, send a message to the Universe that you are open to more money and more abundance, while engaging in an act that deprives another person from their dues.

There is another reason: images that are displayed on a monitor and may look real good there, will not print well. A monitor needs 1/4 of the image quality that is needed for print. If you simply take an image out of the internet, it will print blurry. It is also not a good idea to express your goals and desires in your home using a blurred image.

Physically Cutting Out Images is OK

If you have an old calendar or a large magazine with an image you love and that would be good for your Feng Shui, it is OK to cut it out and frame it to hang on your home. If money is tight, you can even put it up without a frame.

Second Hand Images Are Alright

It is alright to go to thrift stores or flea markets to look for images for you home. Just make sure they are in good condition and don’t have mold.

So can you ever print an image out of the internet and it not be bad luck?

Of course, if you buy an image to print off of the internet, that is a different thing. When you purchase an image to download, that image has been saved with enough quality to print well on a home printer.

I do not offer any downloadable images of waterfalls, but I do offer prints that you can buy on my store. This collection of prints have been curated by me to work as Feng Shui cures for money.

If you really want to change your money situation, I do recommend that you take a look at the waterfalls I offer. I chose the images very carefully, to go well with different kinds of entrances, and then I enhanced them by adding more of what it needed, and deleting undesirable aspects of the image (yes, many hours of Photoshop). For example, in one of the images, the waterfall was perfect, but there were a lot of dried plants on the sides. I worked for hours to take out the dried out plants and replace them with images of thriving vegetation. There was another image that had a great waterfall and beautiful lush vegetation on the sides, but at the bottom, where the water collected, there were some large sticks with sharp shapes that looked very dangerous. I took them out. All the images you find on this page have been certified by me to be good Feng Shui cures. To make it easier for you to choose, I have placed the waterfall images and their link to the store, right under the type of foyer where they would be most useful. I have also provided instructions on how to place the waterfall for better results. Check out the page here.






  1. Wow! That’s exactly what I had done for my wealth area cure before purchasing my tile in cafe press earlier this month. Looking forward to more financial success this year, now that I’ve cured my cure!

    • I didn’t know that. I thought that you had cut it out from a magazine, or something like that. The bamboo tile is a beautiful cure. I like what you say about curing the cure!

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