Subtle Feng Shui: Reducing the Effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)

Subtle Feng Shui: Reducing the Effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies

You know I am an expert in Feng Shui, but I am also an unwilling expert on Subtle Feng Shui: Reducing the Effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies in homes.

When my husband graduated as a chiropractor, he was offered a job in Knoxville, TN, where we live today.

Marco came to Knoxville a month before the rest of us, so he could look for a house for our family, while I stayed home with a baby and a pre-schooler.

I chose the house we live in based on the realtor listings on the internet and photos that he sent me.

Cleverly Taken Real Estate Photos

You may find this hard to believe, but my husband forgot to tell me there were electrical towers nearby, about 100 yards from the home. Understandably, the listing realtor had been careful to avoid including these towers in the photos. It is beyond me, that my husband didn’t think, at the time, that this was important.

I only visited the home one week before closing, and, of course, I noticed the electrical towers before I noticed the house. We needed a place to live, and there was no time to find another home.

I Knew the Basics

From having researched the topic previously for clients, I knew some things we could do.

I had a meter for electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that I took with me to consultations. The reading in our home was around 3 milligauss. 3 is the amount that experts consider is “borderline” between what is safe and dangerous. At night, it went down, so that was a relief.

I took the basic precautions that I often advised my clients to take in such cases, but this was more than the on and off exposure to EMFs that most people would experience from closeness to devices they work with.

Different Perceptions of EMFs

I had a client who believed she was extremely sensitive to all kinds of EMFs. Whenever she called me on my cell phone, I would get a bit of a headache going on, and my ear would be red and actually hot to the touch. This happened even though, due to her fear of EMFs, we always kept our conversations short.

I thought this was strange because if I talked to other people, my ear only got hot if I stayed on the phone for a very long time.

When I talked to my friend Bill Austin, though, we could chat for an hour and I had no symptoms. Intrigued by this, I asked Bill if he was sensitive to EMFs. He told me he used to be, but he had worked on himself to make himself immune with vibrational medicine.

I realized that how sensitive people were to EMFs was influenced by their own beliefs and feelings about EMFs!

Subtle Feng Shui: Reducing the Effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)

I asked Bill if he wanted to work with me to create a healing protocol that could help our family and my clients who were dealing with EMFs. Bill wanted to take it farther, and address a lot more than EMFs. We had already worked on a few projects together, so this made sense.

Together, we created the Angelic Feng Shui Training healing and clearing modality. It consists of an attunement, an online manual, clearing recordings, and vibrational clearing images.  I put these vibrational clearing images on a number of utilitarian products you can use as cures in your home or office. You can learn more about Angelic Feng Shui Training here.

I cut out the small lotus flowers in the bumper stickers and put each of them on every outlet and light switch in our home. By looking at this image every time I handle anything that is electromagnetic, I clear myself from fear and other less than love frequencies. With this, as time goes on, my spiritual immunity to EMFs increases and I get stronger.

light switch emfs protection

EMFS Are Increasing Everywhere!

As time goes on, and with everyone getting wireless internet, EMFs are just everywhere. The new “smart meters” that are being pushed already in USA cities are also said to emit strong EMFs. People have concerns about all of these, with good cause!

Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that the fear and obsession that some people develop in regards to EMFs makes them worse. If you can control and overcome your fear, half the work is done for you.

I think everyone should get at least one MP3 recording from the Angelic Feng Shui Training site, and play it every day for the first month. Having a few objects around the home with the Angelic Feng Shui flower is also very helpful.

A Summary of Things to DO to Reduce the Effects of EMFs

Angelic Feng Shui Training can help you work on your spiritual immunity to EMFs.

In addition, these are some other things you can do to ameliorate the effects of EMFs:

  • Get negative ions to circulate in your home. Many recommend Himalayan salt lamps. I think they are beautiful and can’t hurt, but I use a stand up ionic fan. I can really tell the difference when it is running.
  • Don’t work too close to the monitor on your desktop computer, and do not put a laptop directly on your lap. Use a bamboo board to put on your lap, and then the laptop on top of the board.
  • Don’t sleep with your smart phone or tablet in your bedroom, if possible. If you must have these devices in your bedroom, place them on a piece of furniture other than the night stand. If there is no other choice for you than to keep the phone in your night stand, place it as far from your head as you can, or inside a drawer.
  • Keep a cat. Let your cat sit on your lap when you watch TV or make room for her behind you back when you are sitting in front of the computer. Cats thrive with EMFs and absorb them for you.
  • Keep a healthy, vibrant plant on your work desk.
  • Walk barefoot on grass or sand when you can.
  • Lie down on the grass when you can.

With these precautions, and the Angelic Feng Shui Training tools, you can let go of your worries about EMFs.






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