The Feng Shui Three Legged Money Frog or Three Legged Toad

the feng shui three legged money frog or three legged toad

How to use and when to use (or not) the Feng Shui Three Legged Money Frog or Three Legged Toad. You will find instructions near the bottom of this article but please read below before you make a decision.

If you search online for “three legged frog” you get over 700 K results. Obviously, there is a lot of interest in this Feng Shui cure. This is not surprising, given that it is a cure said to attract money.

You may also have it referred to as the three legged toad.

The Feng Shui Three Money Legged Frog or Three Legged Toad is a Mythical Creature

There are many stories that attempt to explain the origins of this creature.

One story says that  the money frog is a being that resides in the moon.

Another story claims that the frog was originally the greedy wife of a legendary figure, who was turned into a frog as punishment.

Still, other stories claim that a very spiritually advanced being turns himself into a three legged frog.

The most commonly accepted origin story for the Feng Shui Three Legged Money Frog or Three Legged Toad among Feng Shui masters is that an Immortal being found an injured frog in his well, who was unable to get out of it on its own, and he helped it. Since then, in gratitude, the Three Legged Frog would find and bring him gold coins.

There is a variation of the story above, in which a common man went to get water from the village well, which was also a wishing well. When he pulled out his bucket, he saw a Three Legged Frog in the bucket. His first instinct was to kill the handicapped frog, but then he felt compassion and let it live. Since then, the Frog would dive to the bottom of the well and retrieve golden coins for him. The man became rich.

Whatever story you prefer, the Three Legged Frog is a common Feng Shui cure to invite more money. It is the figurine of a frog or toad that is missing one of the hind legs. It may be lying on a bed of coins, or have some coins tied around it, but it always has a coin on its mouth.

Why I Do Not Use the Three Legged Frog

I imagine that for people who grew up in cultures where they heard the different variations of legends on the Three Legged Frog this is a happy symbol, that increases vitality on people who use it.

If I were to find a live three legged frog anywhere, in my back yard, or while hiking, I would not immediately have positive associations with it. I would feel bad for the frog, concerned that it might not survive. I would also wonder why it has only 3 legs — was it an accident or a birth defect? Should I be concerned about contaminants in the area?

Because a chance encounter with a real three legged frog would not be a pleasant experience for me, my deeper mind would not relate well to this cure in my home.

How to Use the Feng Shui Three Legged Money Frog or Three Legged Toad as a Cure to Attract Money

Maybe you liked the stories and legends about the Three Legged Money Frog. Maybe the associations in your mind with this cure are positive. Perhaps a chance encounter with an actual frog with only 3 legs would not freak you out. If for whatever reasons you have decided to give the Three Level Money Frog a try, follow these guidelines:

  1. Place the Three Legged Money Frog in your foyer or career area.
  2. Do not place it directly on the floor.
  3. The coin in the mouth of the frog should point towards the inside of the home and not the door.
  4. The frog should be half hidden, because it is in the nature of frogs to like to hide. Hiding it behind a plant is ideal.
  5. Tie a red ribbon around the frog, or place the frog on top of red paper or a red doily. (This is for symbolic purposes)

Do Not Use the Feng Shui Three Legged Money Frog or Three Legged Toad if:

Do not use this cure for money if:

  • It is broken or cracked.
  • The image of a three legged toad produces negative associations in your mind.

What I Use Instead of a Three Legged Money Frog

If you read articles about the Feng Shui Three Legged Money Frog or Three Legged Toad, you will see that all the authors use the terms money and wealth interchangeably. However, money and wealth do not even belong in the same life area. Knowing this very important difference can make or break your cures for money and wealth.

  • Money belongs in life area 1: Career, Life Mission and Individuality, located in the middle of the front wall.
  • Wealth belongs in life area 4: Wealth, Prosperity and Self-Worth, located at the back left corner of the home.

I Use a Combination of 3 Cures

1 – For the career area, I have found that the best cure is a waterfall. Click here to learn how to use a waterfall to invite abundance into a home or business. Be mindful that you should never use a pirated image as a Feng Shui cure. Learn more about this here.

Feng Shui Waterfall Money Cure

2 – For the wealth area, my favorite cure is the vibrational cure that healer Bill Austin and I designed together, taking into account all the aspects around wealth, prosperity and self worth. The most powerful symbol for wealth is the bamboo forest. Click here to check out this cure.

3 – In addition to the two cures above, I use a sun vibrational cure in my Fame, Reputation and Social Life midpoint, at the back of the house. This is a multiple use cure, and one of its functions is to prevent unnecessary and careless spending.

Feng Shui Sun Cure

Make sure there are no leaks or problems with water in your home. Anything that happens with water is connected with money.

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  1. Esperanza Galarza

    The three legged toad story is interesting but frogs do not interest me at all. The waterfall cure is to me really beautiful to have and I have used it at home. I can say that since I have put in my home, We have received money unexpectedly. I hope that it continues to happen. Thanks Moni for your information.

    • Esperanza, thank you for sharing about your success with the waterfall cure. Some people do not realize that if they use a cure with which they do not feel comfortable, like the three legged frog, while not actually liking frogs, the cure will likely backfire!

  2. Great article! I love your explanation as to why you don’t use the frog as a cure. It makes perfect sense. I think using our intuition is so much better than just mindlessly placing stuff around the house whether we like it or not!

  3. I have a 3 legs frog but there is no coin in his mouth.
    What happen?

    • Some three legged frogs don’t have the coin in their mouth but are sitting on a pile of coins or on a pile of golden ingots. The rules for placing them are still the same.

  4. what do you mean by “negative associations of the mind”…..?

    • This means whether the thought, image or figurine of a three legged frog triggers negative thoughts or negative feelings/emotions. For example, some clients have shared with me that they would think about mutations in frogs caused by radiation. Other people may feel bad to see any representation of an animal missing a limb.

  5. Hi….I have read ideally one should have 9 money frogs in a home and you should place one looking out to get money and another in to bring money. Also you can place under the sofas…so it’s rather confusing when you say not to place on the floor.

    • You can place them on a decorative tile or plate, or even a coaster, but they shouldn’t be directly on the floor. As to how many you want to use and in what way, you are free to try different numbers and ways and see what works for you.

    • I have a couple of money toads which have chipped or cracked when I dropped it.
      How should I dispose of them, without attracting bad luck

  6. Thank you for clarification. It’s much clearer now.

  7. I have a money front but the coin fell from its mouth. It did not break just fell, do I replace it with another coin? Or not?

  8. I bought this Three-Legged Frog and noticed the coin kept fall out of its mouth, with my respect, I put it back in it’s mouth. Its kind of funny because it wanted to see if I am paying attention or still believe it but I do.

  9. Can I reglue the coin if the coin is broken?

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