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Vibrational Feng Shui Cures go beyond regular Feng Shui cures, both in the depth and the reach of their transformational power.   ​Feng Shui cures are usually small objects that are placed in strategic spots in the home, to trigger changes in the way a person perceives and reacts to life. vibrational feng shui cures

It didn’t take long, after I started studying Feng Shui, to learn about healing crises. I read numerous articles by practicing Feng Shui consultants who shared about their clients going into healing crises, or life crises.

I remember one author shared the story of a woman who made changes in her foyer, with the intent of moving to a nicer home. Shortly after, she got an eviction letter. Through fright, anxiety, and desperation, she was able to find a nicer apartment, in a better part of town, much closer to her work place.

But at What Cost?

The Feng Shui consultant who shared this story said that the client, later on said, that she was so stuck in her ways, that nothing short of an eviction notice would have motivated her to move. She would not have made a move unless forced to do it.

Let me reiterate, but at what cost?

You know that Feng Shui is about space arrangement, and you know that the reason we do space arrangement is to help you improve your life. What you may not know is that Feng Shui, as all other four branches of ancient Chinese medicine, is all about CONSERVATION OF ENERGY.

Conservation of Energy is Key

You came to life with 2 energy batteries in your body. One of them is rechargeable and the other one is not.

Your rechargeable battery gets replenished with sleep, food, drink, fresh air, sunshine, loving relationships, and the conditions created by good Feng Shui.

Your non-rechargeable battery has a limited amount of chi. This chi keeps you alive, and it is designed for people to be able to live over 100 years. However, when you face emergencies, periods of extreme physical challenge or emotional stress, and when your rechargeable batteries run on zero, your system taps into the non-rechargeable battery.

Some artists and geniuses tap into this energy to produce large amounts of amazing art or music in a very short time. Sometimes, they consume their basic chi reserves as they over indulge in alcohol or drugs. As a consequence, their lives are shortened, or their vitality is compromised. One example of this is Mozart, who composed so many musical master pieces, but had his life force consumed by age 35. Another example is Jim Morrison, who passed at age 27.

Healing Crises or Life Crises Can Be Averted

When I met healer Bill Austin, one of the things that impressed me most was how big he was on doing things with “ease and grace.” By then, I had experienced, and had seen some of my clients experience, healing and life crises as a consequence of applying Feng Shui cures.

Bill had experienced these too when he started his own healing path. He was not impressed. So, when Bill started to develop his own healing modalities, he made a point of adding lots of “ease and grace” energies and frequencies to his healing.

That we have to suffer in order to learn is a belief that is part of an old paradigm, which no longer serves humanity. The new paradigm is that we can learn from experiences of love and vibrant life.

A sliver or pain or suffering may be enough to trigger the desire for abundant life and love. You do not have to experience traumatic painful events to value health and happiness. To believe so is a big mistake!

Heaven does not want your suffering. Heaven wants you to be happy and healthy. A happy, healthy person is much more likely to do what they came to do — to fulfill their life missions.

Enter Vibrational Cures

Feng Shui moves emotions and thought patterns at a very deep level. This is part of the power of Feng Shui.

Still, I didn’t and don’t want my clients to go into life crises or healing crises, so that they could make those improvements. This is the reason that I partnered with Bill Austin to create a line of Feng Shui cures that would:

  • Help people make the emotional and mental pattern changes that they need to make in order to be happier, healthier, and more successful.
  • Work, even if clients accidentally made mistakes in the placement of the cures.
  • Look and feel better that some of the traditional Feng Shui cures (you know which ones I mean, the ones that make a home look just a bit like a Chinese restaurant!)

Bill Austin knew that part of what he came to do, part of his life contracts, included helping people make their homes and work places more harmonious, because it is very hard to be healthy and happy if they are not.

Bill saw that by partnering with me and being able to tap into my very strong connection to space, through my professional knowledge or architecture and Feng Shui, this would be a more efficient way for him to fulfill this part of his contract with Heaven.

Together, we created a series of vibrational Feng Shui cures:

  1. Feng Shui Cures for the Planet (and Money clearing)
  2. Feng Shui Cures for the Five Elements
  3. Feng Shui Cures for the Life Areas
  4. Feng Shui Cures for Astrology

vibrational feng shui curesHowever, our master piece of work together, is Angelic Feng Shui Training. Click here to learn more about this subtle Feng Shui clearing and healing modality.

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  1. Here is, yet again, another article which took me completely by surprise in its content. As a Healer, I have also seen my Clients go through “Healing Crises” as well as personally experienced them and I had no idea at all that Feng Shui could also be a trigger for these experiences.

    • Actually I also wished to ask you Moni…do you always incorporate these particular cures instead of the “traditional ones”, or do you mix them up? How do we know when we should be using these particular cures?

      • It depends on the needs of the client and their decorating style. Sometimes I recommend only the magnets as cures for the life areas, to be placed on the refrigerator, instead of on the spots for the life areas. This is for people’s whose lives are very unbalanced. It is very important that a cure not make the client feel awkward or that they worry about what people will think if they come in their home and see the cure.

    • I love the ideas in this article. I am looking forward to taking the Angelic Feng Shui healing training.

      • It is great. Angelic Feng Shui Training has made a huge difference in our lives. Everyone in our home is attuned for it.

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