Bad Timing Is not the Reason (you don’t do the things you say you want to do)

Bad timing is not the reason you don’t do the things you say you do not want to do.  One of the greatest fears that I have seen in students and clients is the fear of making mistakes. It is only natural that people look for external signs that a path is right for them, or not.

People in all cultures, all over the world, in all belief systems, look for signs.  This is not a bad thing. The problems come when you equate difficulties with signs of bad timing.

What Problems and Obstacles Really Are

For example, you may have decided to take a course you have wanted to take for a long time, and finally have the money to invest. Then something happens. This thing that happens appears to be an obstacle, or a block on the road. In reality it is a test from the Universe that is literally asking, “Do you really want to do what you say you want to do?”

But if you chose to see it as a sign instead of a test, you may conclude that this is “bad timing” and give the Universe the wrong answer.

You will tell yourself that this problem, this obstacle, is a clear sign from Heaven that you should not continue on this path, denying yourself the opportunity of getting the knowledge you want and need.

It’s Not Bad Timing, It’s an Opportunity

In a world where concepts such as manifesting and tools such as affirmations are becoming mainstream, many teachers are telling folks that one sign of being in the right path is that all doors open for you. Other teachers are telling their followers to make happiness their guide: if negative emotions arise, then that is not the right path.

The above, of course, is not true. What is true, is that often (although not always) when you start on the right path, doors do open and the path seems clear, but once you are walking and advancing on your path, not everything is easy.

Like Lonny Jarret, author of Nourishing Destiny (one of my favorite books) told me in a recent conversation, “Any sprout can tell you that to live you have to strive.”  Part of what creates happiness is pushing through obstacles.

Confusing Difficulties with Signs to Stop

I have seen…

  • A woman who had always wanted to write a book, and just when she was going to get started, she found out she was pregnant. I would have thought this was an ideal situation for her to write her book, to work on two birth processes at the same time. She saw it as a sign that it was not the right timing to write her book.
  • A man who wanted to start his own business and had been saving for his startup, but then was offered a promotion. I thought he had everything he needed to start his business. He saw the job offer a sign from God that starting his own business was not for him. Instead of doing what he dreamed of doing, he accepted a job with more responsibility, that left him less time to do the things he loved to do — for what?
  • A woman who wanted to scale up her business, and take it on the road. Then her very old cat passed away. She saw this as a sign that she needed to “go within” instead and scaled her business down.

When I was younger, I used to freak out when I found obstacles. Now I get happy. When I find a block, a stop, or a problem, I tell myself, this is an opportunity for me to tell the Universe that I am serious about this project, or that I am serious about attaining this goal.

Problems Applying Feng Shui Cures or Enhancements

In fact, when I am working with clients in their Feng Shui Immersion Programs and they have trouble completing a cure I have recommended, I get elated. This means I did something right.  This temporary resistance means that we have tapped into something really important in the life of the client. If we persist in implementing this cure, the client gets a chance to confirm to the Universe that he or she really means to be happier, healthier, and more successful.

Every time you see a block on the path of where you want to get, ask yourself, “Is this a sign from the Universe that I am taking the wrong path, or is the Universe asking me for a sign?”

There is nothing wrong in looking for signs. However, signs always have to be contrasted with your own heart. Does your heart agree? Does your heart want you to turn around and quit? Or does your heart want you to push through?

The Right Time to Declutter

Simply put, the right time to declutter is when you decide it is the right time.  However, it is easier to do when all of nature is helping you.

THIS IS the best time to declutter.

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  1. Great post! I guess we’ve all have made the mistake. I now know to follow my heart no matter what, even if the road is bumpy. 🙂

  2. Esperanza Galarza

    I’ve been feeling this way for a few months now. Every time I want to get rolling with my Feng Shui something gets in the way. I’m glad to have read this article because I look at it as if the Universe is telling me that I procrastinate too much and I should go forward with what I need to do. No matter how many obstacles are in my way I should go forward with my plans! I still have to figure out some things, but I know I will surely complete my task.

  3. Becoming a Feng Shui seemed to slip my fingers recently. Everything stting it out of reach. So glad I read this.
    I recently dremed with …, not sure what animal but went to have a look and it said part of tits meaning is I need to push through in order to get what I want, become more “agressive”.

  4. Your messages are always very timely in my life in the moment. You know the major changes I am facing and there are times when I feel very weak and disoriented with the whole process, using this “feeling” to stop getting at the things I need to do in everyday life. Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Mahala, I think these feelings are only natural. Lonny Jarret has said that finding resistance is the only way to know that you are truly pushing an authentic edge, and growing. Otherwise, we are merely staying in our own comfort zones.

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