“Rectify” Your Home

About 10 days ago, I came down with a very painful cold. It got so bad I actually had to cancel a few things. If you know me, I am not the kind of person who cancels anything just because of a cold.

But it was bad, and for most of the past week, when I was not at the gym (can’t miss my Zumba), preparing for a live webinar or writing newsletter articles, I had to stay in bed.

Since I do not have a laptop I couldn’t work. (I don’t have a laptop because I DON’T want to be able to take my work with me everywhere!)

All I could do was listen to music, my meditation for healing with the Five Elements, and binge watch the show Rectify on my iPad. Obviously, I do not have a TV in my master bedroom (bad Feng Shui), because I do not want to kill our passion. My husband and I have been together for 25 years!

If you haven’t watched Rectify, let me warn you this article has some minor spoilers, NOT about the main story line, but about about the development of 2 secondary characters: 2 loving Southern moms with BIG clutter problems.

Since the show is kind of slow paced, it gave me time to appreciate all the home environments created for the show. I was amazed by the producers of the show and how they were able to create these sets for the “homes” of all the different characters in the series to actually mirror and convey both their personal histories and their present outlook on life.

Southern Loving Ladies

These two loving Southern ladies were hanging on to clutter as a way to try and hold on to a past, that they wished had not been changed by the tragic event (a murder) that is at the crux of the story.

As the series evolved, one of the moms was unable to let go of any of her destructive clutter, even after she realized how much damage it had caused her and continued to cause her. She held on to her clutter as a symbol of how deeply she believed her own life was done for, and she had no hopes for the future.

The other mom, however, originally completely oblivious about how her clutter was affecting her and her loved ones, did come to an awakening. She was able to see her own life in a new light, as she started to let go of things in her attic, prompted by a family member.

As she decluttered her home, she decluttered her emotions and her negative thought patterns.

Decluttering Helps Family Members

What was most amazingly depicted in the series, and very much in tune with what actually happens in real life, is that her decluttering freed up negative patterns in her family members as well.

One family member was able to renounce to a line of work that offered him security but which had never ignited his passion.

Another family member was able to let go of her rigid expectations on the qualities a man should have for her to even consider a date. She gave a chance to someone who did not meet any of her previous expectations, but was realistically a very good match for her.

Two family members finally dissolved a marriage into which they entered when neither of them had been fully aware of who they were and what they came to do. (Previously they would have rather been right than happy.)

The Southern woman herself became happier and more hopeful about the future. She also became more able to see, accept and love each of her family members as they were, with no expectations.

What Can, and Cannot Be Rectified

In the end everyone was happier than when the series started.

One of the supporting characters mentioned, during the last episode, that some things happen in life, that can never be fully rectified.

This may be true. However, if you are still here, Heaven still trusts that you have everything you need to have to do what you came to do in this life time, from a space of happiness and health.

Rectify Your Home

One thing that CAN be rectified is a cluttered home. A cluttered home is an unsafe home, where your fight or flight mechanism is constantly getting kicked in, so you always feel stressed out.

A cluttered home is physically DANGEROUS. If your home is cluttered, put your right hand on your heart and answer this question: would you be able to leave your home in the middle of a dark night, during an emergency, without a high chance of tripping on something and hurting yourself o your way out? How about your kids. Would they be able to get out unscathed?

A real emergency may be unlikely, but the potential of harm is always there, and your subconscious mind is picking up on it — STRESSING YOU OUT!

If you struggle with clutter, do this for me: watch the video below with your right hand on your heart (uncrossed legs and ankles), and ask the highest and best version of yourself, can I afford not to get this course? Can I really afford to continue living this way, with all this clutter? If your heart tells you you need this program, find a way to participate this year. This group offering will not be repeated this year. (If you do not do it now, you will have to wait until the Spring of 2018 for the same program to repeat.)

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