Feng Shui Colors: What Colors Are Good for What?

She told me “I am fire, so I need lots of red around me.”

She said she was fire because she was born in the year of the Fire Monkey, according to the Chinese horoscope.

She was born in a fire year, but her body type was wood. (She was tall, with lean muscles, a long face and long hands.)

Her personality, however, was earth. She liked being in the know of everything that was happening in her family, her neighborhood, her church. She was the first to learn about needs in the community, and always the first to show up with a meal or an offer to help.

Which Colors Are Good for What?

So what color did she need?

  • Red for fire?
  • Green and light blue for wood?
  • Or yellow and brown for earth?

Actually, neither. What she needed, was more green.

She Needed to Control the Excess of Earth!

She needed the green that the wood element brings in to prevent herself from giving in too much to her earth personality.

She gave, gave and gave, until there was nothing left for her. This was made so clear one day, when she prepared an organic lasagna from scratch to take to a family that just had a baby, and then went through a fast food drive through, because she was too tired to prepare another meal.

However, just because she needed green, this didn’t mean that she should repaint her whole home in green, or even just paint her bedroom in green.

It meant she needed to add more live plants to the home, which was mostly decorated in earth tones. The earth tones aggravated her tendency to take care of others and not of herself. So she needed some green in the form of live plants. The addition of live plants harmonized her home, so that she became more balanced and more centered.

Repainting Walls is a Drastic Choice

Feng Shui color corrections rarely require repainting walls at all. There is a lot you can do with decorations and accessories to balance and harmonize a room. But if you have decided to repaint, there are clear and easy to follow guidelines for Feng Shui correct colors choices.

In the course Choosing Feng Shui Correct Colors you will learn more about the five elements, the colors that go with each, and the symbolic relationships between each element and:

  • life areas
  • body parts
  • internal organs
  • emotions and negative emotions

Wouldn’t you like to learn everything there is to know about Feng Shui and colors?





What’s next?

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