Feng Shui Colors: Do Not Paint Walls According to the Compass Directions

Shortly after I moved to Knoxville, TN, a woman hired me to do a Feng Shui consultation in her home because she was unhappy with the work of another consultant. Let’s call the client Marianne.

This other consultant practiced Compass School Feng Shui. The client was unhappy because the lady had promised her a personalized, customized report of her consultation. She delivered a 50 page computer printout which talked all about astrology and numerology, based on Marianne’s date of birth, but failed to provide solutions for Feng Shui problems she had noted during the visit.

An Automated Report

I didn’t tell this to Marianne, but I knew that the report provided was the result of the consultant entering her birth information, gender, and the direction her front door faced, into a computer program. The computer program then automatically generated the “customized” report. Since the computer program did not walk through her house, it was unaware of her actual Feng Shui issues.

Strange Wall Colors Popping Up

The home had originally been painted in pleasant pastel tones, but some walls had recently been painted in stronger colors, that did not go well with any of her decorating style at all! The smell of fresh paint was still in the air.

The wall to the South had been painted in red. The wall to the West had been painted in gray. The wall to the East had been painted in green. The wall to the North had been painted in black.

Marianne told me that these were colors suggested by the Feng Shui consultant she had hired. She had even left her some paint color samples from a home improvement store, and told her to get the exact shades.

I asked Marianne if she liked these colors. She said, “No, but…” She wanted her home to be Feng-Shui correct.

No Discernment in Color Recommendations

Over the years I would find out that this consultant left the exact same color swatches with all her clients, both for residential and commercial consultations, and would recommend to all her clients to paint the walls facing a particular direction in that color. So in some cases, clients would end up with a red wall in their master bedroom, others in the kitchen, and others in the living room. A business might find themselves with a red wall in the reception, waiting room, or storage area.

There was no discernment regarding colors, and the actual use or function of a room.

The resulting color combinations were very strange. There was no harmony of colors.

A Flawed Way to Choose Feng Shui Colors

I knew the thinking behind these recommendations. She was asking clients to paint the inside of exterior walls in the color of the element associated with the compass directions:

  • South – fire element – red
  • North – water element – black
  • East – wood element – green
  • West – metal element – gray

However, this is not the right way to apply Feng Shui correct colors.

Feng Shui seeks to achieve harmony in colors. The suggestions of this Feng Shui consultant would not, in any case, in any way, create a harmony of colors.

What to Consider when Choosing Feng Shui Correct Colors

The moral of this story is: don’t ever paint a wall in a color just because of the direction it faces.

You need to consider:

  • the style of the home,
  • your decorating style,
  • the function of each room, and
  • the personal taste of the person who will be in that room the most time.

Living with colors you hate can never be good Feng Shui!

What’s next?

Click the image below to watch a free webinar on the Five Most Common Color Mistakes people make when trying to apply Feng Shui Colors. Below it you will find a course to end all your Feng Shui color confusion so you can become an expert in choosing Feng Shui colors. GO HERE TO WATCH IT



  1. Sharon Canovali

    Proper color choices for particular rooms is very confusing to me. What a great “what not to do” article! I’m always curious, as a Realtor, what is recommended when selling a home. I prefer one single color throughout and often wonder about which is Feng Shui best for selling or whether it’s just best to just follow current trends.

    • Sharon, for selling a home it is better to have one neutral color throughout. Either an earth color or a pastel tone. It is like having an empty canvass where people can picture themselves.

  2. I must admit, that I got caught up in this particular method of Feng Shui until you and I talked and I became aware of a more sensible and harmonious method of Feng Shui. I was totally confused and drowning in a morass of confusing information until I discovered your books, websites and vast amount of practical information. My life became more simplified and my home is a very pleasurable place to be.

  3. I’ve never been happier with the changes we made to our master bedroom. Adviced by our previous consultant we painted it green and white, but we did not enjoy being in that room nor we liked the color. It was not until I meet you that I learned that if the people that live in the house don’t enjoy what they see in their space is not feng shui correct; and we have many options to decorate from and colors to choose from. You just make it so easy and simple.

    • Thank you for sharing, Laura. I remember when we talked about that. Green and white are considered clashing colors in Feng Shui because green represents the wood element and white represents the metal element. Metal cuts wood. This combination, in a master bedroom, would increase arguments!

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