Feng Shui Colors: Don’t Choose Wall Colors Based on Astrology and Numerology

I once consulted for a family who had previously hired another Feng Shui consultant as they were remodeling and redecorating their home.

The lady of the house felt like the luck of the family in general had declined since the remodel, and wanted a second opinion.

Different Styles in Color Choices

When I went in I noticed that the great room, the kitchen and the dining area looked pleasant enough. However, the bedrooms, and the home office had been painted all in different colors, with one strong color dominating each room.

When I asked her why there was such a different color scheme between the public areas of the home and the bedrooms, the client told me her previous consultant had recommended colors by the year of birth of each family member, according to the Chinese horoscope.

Don’t Choose Colors Based on Astrology and Numerology

In Chinese astrology, every year is assigned an animal (out of 12: rat, ox, rabbit, dragon, tiger, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig) and an element (out of 5: water, wood, fire, earth and metal). Each element is associated with colors.

The son had been born in a fire year, so his bedroom was painted in red. The daughter had been born in an earth year so her bedroom was painted in yellow. The father had been born in a water year so the master bedroom was painted in navy blue (since he was the head of household the color was chosen for him).  The mother worked from home and she had been born in a wood year, so her office was painted in green.

Things were not Going Well

Since the remodel:

  • The son was giving preference to partying and social life more than studying, and barely spent time at home.
  • The daughter had gained weight.
  • The couple had seen their passion dwindle to almost non-existence.
  • The wife was having unexplained fits of anger.

A Poor Way to Choose Colors

Choosing colors by the color of the element of your year of birth is not an effective way to choose Feng Shui colors.

For example:

  • The lady of the house was born in a wood year, so the consultant had recommended for her the color green, because green is one of the colors for the wood element. However, according to ancient Chinese medicine an excess of the wood element exacerbates a tendency to get angry. She had just entered menopause, and she already felt like she had a short fuse on account of changing hormones. The green office made her worse.
  • The man of the house was born in a water year, and the colors for water are black and navy blue. Such dark colors, though, tend to be depressing to most people and do not motivate intimacy, connection, or passion. It was no surprise their love life felt like it was dying.
  • The son was born on a fire year, and it so happened that is personality was also fire-like, so adding more fire to his environment increased his tendency to always choose a party over work.
  • The daughter was born in an earth year and yellow is one color for earth. However, her personality as water, and earth destroys water (it absorbs and dams it) so having a yellow bedroom worked against her nature, and she started overeating.

It’s Not that Simple as Choosing Colors Based on a Birth Year

When it comes to people, it takes a lot more than knowing someone’s  birth year, to know about what elements and colors they need.

Furthermore, colors need to be chosen so that the final result is always harmonious.

A lack of harmony in colors, often results in reduced harmony in the family. In other words, it results in more arguments.

Wouldn’t you like to learn everything there is to know about Feng Shui and colors?

What’s next?

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