Feng Shui Colors: Don’t Paint Rooms in the Colors of the Bagua Map

Some years ago, I did a Feng Shui consultation for a woman who claimed she had already Feng-Shuied her home on her own. She wanted me to come over because there she had a few questions that she had not been able to find the answer for in books she had read (by a best selling author).

Peculiar Choices of Colors

When I walked in through the door I noticed some peculiar choices of colors. Every single room in the home was painted in a different color. It is not necessarily wrong to choose a different color for every room. In fact, in many cases it may be recommended. However, if you do this, all your colors need to come from one harmonic color scheme.

This lady, however, had chosen colors that didn’t integrate well, but actually clashed with each other.

For example, she had painted:

  • her kitchen in a soft lavender color
  • her master bedroom in hot pink
  • her office in red

How She Had Chosen Her Colors

I didn’t have to ask her how she chose her colors. I could tell as soon as I came in that she had painted each room in the colors of the Feng Shui bagua map.

  • Her kitchen was in the wealth area, and the color for the wealth area in the bagua map is purple, so she chose lavender, a type of purple.
  • Her master bedroom was in the love area, and the color for the love area in the bagua map is pink, so she painted her bedroom in hot pink.
  • Her home office was in the fame and reputation area, and the color of this life area in the bagua map is red, so she painted her home office in red.

Could You Live with Those Colors?

I would like you to imagine a lavender kitchen. How much do you think you would feel motivated to cook in this kitchen? How comfy or cozy would you feel to sit down to have a meal in this kitchen? The client admitted that since she painted her kitchen she was cooking less, and getting takeout more, which she ate in her family room, in front of the TV. She often also went through fast food drive throughs, something she had never done before. As a consequence, she had been spending a lot more on food.

Now imagine your master bedroom was painted in hot pink. How would your husband feel about it? How many men have you met that would choose hot pink as a wall color? My client was not married, but she confided that before she repainted her bedroom she had three very nice potential suitors, which all disappeared shortly after she painted the room hot pink. Her room looked more like the room of an elementary school girl, who loved princesses and unicorns, than the room of a grown woman.

Stretch your imagination a bit further and visualize your home office painted in red all around. How long do you think you could stay in such a room and be productive? The client confessed she was having trouble getting work done, and often felt like socializing and partying rather than working, since she repainted.

Why She Painted Her Rooms in the Colors of the Bagua Map

I understand why this client reached the conclusion that it would be OK to paint every room in the colors of the bagua map. She thought that by doing this, she was turning each room into a gigantic Feng Shui cure.

She thought that:

  • by painting her kitchen in lavender her wealth would increase
  • by painting her bedroom in pink she would find love
  • by painting her home office in red her reputation as a professional would grow and she would get more referrals

Life Area Cures are Usually Rather Small

What my client didn’t know was that the colors of the bagua map only point to the preferred color for the Feng Shui cure or enhancement for the life area, but not for the whole room. Feng Shui cures tend to be small, and the more challenged a life area, the smaller the cure needs to be.

How to Choose Feng Shui Correct Colors

In proper Feng Shui color selection, the colors of each room are chosen according to the five elements and which is the dominant element for the function of each room.

For example: a master bedroom needs to promote communication and intimacy. The colors of the earth element are the best at generating the best mood for this type of room.

Another example: a family room has the function of promoting socialization, with your own family members, with friends, and the community at large. A family room decorated all in cool, subdued tones, is not likely to bring in the fire energy needed for socializing.

Don’t Paint the Room in the Colors of the Bagua Map

The moral of this story is this: never paint each room in the colors of the bagua map.

Instead do this:

  • choose wall colors that go with the mood you want to create in every room, but still look good when you place them together side by side, or
  • choose one wall color for the whole home, and then choose different accent colors in your furniture, decorations and accessories to create the mood needed in each room.

Remember, bizarre color selections are never good Feng Shui!

A Quick Chart for Feng Shui Colors

I have created a chart with safe colors to choose for the walls of your home if, in a pinch, you need to choose colors and want to make sure you don’t make a gross mistake. However, this is very basic information and there’s much more to learn. Scroll down for more.

Wouldn’t you like to learn everything there is to know about Feng Shui and colors?

What’s next?

SaveClick on the image below to watch a free webinar on the Five Most Common Color Mistakes people make when trying to apply Feng Shui Colors. Below it you will find a course to end all your Feng Shui color confusion so you can become an expert in choosing Feng Shui colors. GO HERE

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