Feng Shui Colors: Do Use the Nurturing Cycle, but NOT Like This

If you like to read a lot about Feng Shui and have read books written by students of the late master Lin Yun of the Black Hat school of Feng Shui, you may have come across particular advice regarding Feng Shui Colors. The advice is as follows: to decorate a room based on the nurturing cycle of the five elements. According to this advice, you would start with the color of the floor, and then choose the colors of the roof and ceiling by the five elements.

The Nurturing Cycle of the Five Elements

The nurturing cycle of the five elements is as follows: Water feeds Wood; Wood feeds Fire; Fire produces Earth; Earth yield Metal; Metal holds Water The colors for the five elements are these:
  1. water: black and navy blue
  2. wood: greens and light blues
  3. fire: reds, bright oranges and lemon yellow
  4. earth: browns, beige and yellow
  5. metal: white, gray and pastels

How it Would Work (In Theory)

So, for example, if you already have a brown floor, you would paint the walls in the color of the element that follows earth (metal), and paint your walls in white or gray. Then you would paint your ceiling in the color of the next element, which would be water, so you would paint it black or navy blue. How does that sound? Bizarre, I know. Night clubs and some restaurants are the only types of spaces that actually can handle a black ceiling. According to this advice, if you started with a gray carpet, then you should have black or navy blue walls, and a green ceiling.

It Made Sense, But…

To tell you the truth, when I first came upon this type of advice, to follow the nurturing cycle of the elements, I thought it made sense. But then I started creating simulations of these colors on my computer, thinking that it was all a matter of finding the right hue, the right tint, and things could look great. Guess what? They didn’t. The advice to follow the nurturing cycle of the elements is sound advice, but you do not do it from floor to ceiling, you do it by the amount of each color present in a room.

How to Make the Nurturing Cycle Work

In the course Feng Shui Colors  you will learn how to do this by taking a look to the dominant color already existing in a room, and then adding colors for the elements in the nurturing cycle, one at a time, in a lesser proportion each. It may sound confusing, but with the right graphics, it is really easy to understand. Learning Feng Shui colors has never been easier!

What’s next?

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