[father’s day] We Get Two Chances at Family

There was a time when at the mention of the word “father” all I could think of was fear, humiliation, danger, and sorrow.

For the last 14 years, though, the word “father” brings to my mind thoughts of love, compassion, responsibility, tenderness, and laughter.

I did not have a good father, not by a long stretch. I never felt safe around him, I never felt loved, or even respected.

We Get Two Chances at Family

But life gives us two chances at family: the one we came into, and the one we create.

I love seeing my husband interact with our two kids. I love to see how much they love him, respect him, trust him. Most of the time, when I come home from being out and about, the first sound I hear when I open the door is laughter.

How different this is from the home where I grew up!

Life gives us two chances at family: the one we came into and the one we create.

Happiness Needs a Space to Live

As adults, we have a choice to create a happy family. It is up to us.

But happiness needs a place to live. Happiness does not settle in a home with bad Feng Shui — it can’t.

For happiness to exist there needs to be wholeness, balance, harmony and vitality.

Only good Feng Shui can ensure that your home has all of the above. If your home has these characteristics, then your life will too!

One great way to start is to make sure that the colors in your home are in harmony with nature, human nature, and your particular internal nature.

How to Get Along with Your Family Members 

All families have conflicts because people are all different. To get along with your relatives you first need to understand the Feng Shui Five Elements Personality Types.

Click on the link below to enter your name and email so I can send you the guide to find your personality type and that of your family members, as well as register you for the free webinar on how to get along with them. https://moni-family.gr8.com/











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