Will You Do What You Need to Do to Be Happy in Love?

I remember, many years ago, while I was living in Mississippi, working with a couple who where some of my first clients in the USA. Let’s call them Sally and Joe.

They were both good looking, and successful in their field. They had been married for less than a year, and were deeply in love with each other, but not happy.

Communication Was Hard

Communication was hard. Any topic of conversation, the most innocent subjects, quickly turned into bitter arguments.

Both husband and wife expressed that they wanted to be more loving to each other, and get along better, but they often ended up saying the wrong thing, or things just came out wrong.

It Was Evident in the Home

It didn’t take me 2 minutes after walking into their home to figure out how their communication problems were being expressed in the home.

Their dining area was located in the center of the home. The couple had placed in this area a gigantic metal and glass table, that only barely left room for the matching chairs, also bulky.

It was very difficult to walk through the dining room, which was supposed to be the means of communication between the living room and the hallway that led to the bedrooms. The couple had gotten used to walking from the living room down a hall to the kitchen, then crossing the kitchen to get to the bedrooms.

Some Things Are Just Bad Feng Shui

Having circulation blocked in the center of a home is very bad Feng Shui. Metal and glass dining tables are also bad Feng Shui.

I explained that in order to communicate better with each other they needed to let go of this dining set and get a smaller one, made of wood, round or with rounded corners, to symbolically smooth out the corners of their relationship. They were not keen on the idea, but said they would think about it.

After a Year

About a year after their Feng Shui consultation, I spoke with Sally on the phone. She had the sad news that they had divorced. She admitted that she could never bring herself to remove the metal and glass dining set because it was her favorite piece of furniture and, honestly, she did not believe me when I said how bad it was for them as a couple.

She moved out of the house into a new place she had bought for herself which had a larger dining area, and where she took her beloved metal and glass dining set. She felt bad about leaving Joe without a dining set (they were still friends and were parting in good terms), so she bought one that fit the description of what I had suggested during their consultation.

Sally told me that when the new wooden, smaller dining set was brought in she had understood what I had meant. She could feel the shift. She had not previously realized how blocking the center of the home had added to their stress.

Could Things Have Been Different?

Would Sally and Joe still be married if they had changed their table?

Nobody knows, but I can tell you this: changing a dining set is a lot easier that it is to change one’s ingrained negative emotional and mental patterns about love relationships — and most people have them!

Even in the midst of a happy marriage, couples go through stages that require them to make adjustments in themselves to continue to be happy.

Moving Furniture Can Be a Great First Step

Letting go of a piece of furniture is a lot easier than letting go of relationship patterns that may be keeping you from loving and being loved in the way you deserve. Letting go of a piece of furniture with bad Feng Shui, though, can be the first step towards triggering those internal changes.

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