Feng Shui for Money and Wealth: Work and Wait

According to Feng Shui, wealth can grow crooked or straight, just like a tree.

Wealth that grows crooked carries with it bad karma, so you want to make sure that your wealth grows straight, like a healthy tree.

Last week I sent you an article that hopefully cleared any confusion as to where the money spot is located in the bagua map.

Don’t Enhance Money in the Wealth Corner

The reason you cannot enhance money in the wealth corner is that money and wealth are not affected equally by time.

Time works differently for money and for wealth.

  • Trying to make money operate in the time designated for wealth results in greed.
  • Trying to make wealth come from the time designated for money, results in frustration.

Money and wealth – one comes from the past and the other one from the future. Which is which?

Which is Which?

The energy of money and the energy of wealth are different. They work with different elements and they are to be enhanced in different spots in the home.

  • The 3 life areas at the back of the bagua map stem from the past.
  • The 3 life areas in the middle of the bagua map are life areas that need to be tended to every day.
  • The 3 life areas at the front of the bagua  map are projections into the future.

Wealth, placed at the back left corner, is the consequence of past actions.

Money, placed in the career area – middle of the front wall – is an expectation from the future.

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The Truth About Wealth

Wealth is the consequence of PAST right actions.

Honest wealth needs to grow like a tree does, and not like a weed or a creeping plant.

In farming or gardening, you cannot know for sure that the seeds or saplings you planted will yield the results you hope for. That is why you diversify your crops.

Likewise, you cannot know, when you make an investment, exactly what yields it will produce. This is why you diversify your investment portfolio.

Becoming wealthy requires hope, trust, and patience!

The Truth About Money

Money, on the other hand, is an energy associated with the future.

Usually, money comes after work has been done. Even money you might get as a windfall was generated by someone else’s work.

When dealing with money, there is usually a reasonable expectation of how much money you will receive, based on the amount of work you have already done and the agreements you have around money. You know that if you worked so many hours at your job for the last 2 weeks, you can expect a paycheck for the agreed upon amount of  money.

The less you can predict how much money will come in on a regular basis, the more likely you are to worry about money. For this reason, entrepreneurs tend to worry a lot more about money than their employees.

Make Sure You Are NOT Activating Greed

When Feng Shui consultants or enthusiasts make the mistake of enhancing money in the wealth area, they are activating greed, instead of activating money.

Greed is the desire to get money that was generated by someone else, OR the desire to accumulate wealth without perseverance and dedication.

When you activate money in the wealth area, you create an expectation to “get money yesterday,” as if yesterday was part of the future.

Activating money in the wealth area can backfire, as it may be interpreted by your deeper mind as “money in the past,” which translates as money that has already been spent, and could manifest as loss of money, or spending too much.

If you try to activate wealth in the money (career) area this may be destructive because the constant movement of the career area (water element) may be too strong for proper grow of wealth. The growth of your wealth may be unnecessarily slowed down, and you may end up feeling frustrated.

Activate money where money belongs (career area) and wealth were wealth belongs (wealth area) to be happy and successful in both areas of life.

Feng Shui Maximizes Work and Reduces Time Requirements

Using good Feng Shui, you can make more money with the same amount of work that you are doing right now.

With good Feng Shui, you can also significantly reduce the time that it would otherwise take you to grow your wealth.

In my next article I will share with you how Feng Shui can help you do these things.

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