What Did You Come to Do? (Dollhouses)

When I was a little girl I loved to play with dollhouses. I would spend a long time putting the house together, arranging the furniture in every room. When I was done, I didn’t want to play-act with the little dolls in the house. I just wanted to take the furniture out, and try different ways of setting up every room. This drove other little girls crazy, and our attempts to play together often ended up in tears.

The strongest disagreements happened when my best friend and I tried to play together with my doll house. She was most interested in interpersonal relationships. She wanted to pretend that the little dolls would invite their friends over and have large parties, and would get little dolls from other toy sets to be the guests. This upset me very much, because “they didn’t even match.”

Today, my childhood best friend owns a restaurant, an events salon, and a catering business.

I practice and teach Feng Shui, the art of Space Arrangement.

From an Early Age

It is clear that I knew what I wanted to do at an early age, yet whenever people asked me what I wanted to be “when I grew up,” I visualized an enormous blank. You see? No one around me had ever heard of the term “Feng Shui,” so there was no way for me to know about the profession.

I only learned about Feng Shui in my late twenties, but in the meantime, life was preparing me by giving me the skills I would need to decode Feng Shui knowledge – and make it practical for the modern mind – by sending me to the school of architecture.

Most people I have asked, knew pretty early in life what their passion was, although not necessarily what they wanted to be “when they grew up.”

How About You?

What did you like to do most when you were a child? Was there anything you liked to do that other people thought was odd, different, strange?

The answers to these questions may give you clues as to what your life mission is. Career, Life Mission and Individuality is the first life area in the bagua map, located at the center of the bottom of the graphic. When translated to the floor plan, this means the center of the wall that contains the front entrance.

In the home, the foyer also represents this life area.

This is the life area where you activate money and abundance.

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