This Thanksgiving, Put Gratitude at the Center of Your Life

Gratitude is at the center of Feng Shui. This is not a metaphor.

Literally, the life area in the middle of the bagua map is the Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude.

What to Do in the Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude

This area should ideally be empty, to represent the void in the middle of a wheel. If you have a bathroom, a staircase, or a kitchen in this spot, you probably need some Feng Shui services.

Practicing gratitude makes you luckier. Feng Shui sees luck, not as the result of chance, but as a consequence of strong chi.

Feng Shui helps you have strong chi, no doubt about that. Chi means “life force,” or “vitality.”

Without vitality there is no happiness.

Put Gratitude at the Center of Your Life

Put Gratitude at the center of your life, and you will see how things change:

  • Your vitality (chi) will increase.
  • You will become luckier.
  • Your life will be happier.

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