Feng Shui Water Fountain Woes

Maria is a client whom I am helping resolve issues around money. In this article I will tell you about Maria’s Feng Shui water fountain woes.

When I started working with Maria, she had been following my work for some time. She already had a very good image of a waterfall in her foyer.

Maria told me that since she put up this waterfall things did improve. Her income increased compared to the previous year, but her anxiety about money remained the same.

Feng Shui Water Fountain Woes

I suggested that she add a water fountain. Maria said she would.

This is how it went:

  1. The first water fountain, found online, turned out to be too small.
  2. The second water fountain, bought at a thrift store, was too noisy.
  3. The third water fountain, gotten at a store, seemed perfect, but did not last over three weeks.

Maria had spent a total of $30 on all 3 fountains.

When Feng Shui Cures Get Blocked, It’s a Good Sign

As you may have read in a previous article, when things get blocked during the Feng Shui process, it’s good news. The hurdles in getting a working water fountain for Maria’s foyer mean that we really did hit on a core problem for her, and that we were on our way to fix it.

After the third water fountain failed, Maria and I had a conversation. I suggested Maria up her spending limit and get a larger, nicer water fountain, one that comes with a one year warranty.

When it arrived, this water fountain was too loud, but this problem was easy to fix by adding more decorative rounded stones near the spot where the water dropped, to muffle the sound.

I suggested Maria use only distilled water, because the minerals in hard water lessen the life span of water pumps.

Four water fountains later, it seems things are starting to flow. Maria is happy that she spent on this fountain more than her original budget, because she can see the difference in quality.

The symbolism of water with abundance is so strong that I have no doubt this water fountain cure will help Maria bring in more abundance into her life.

Abundance Does Not Come Only from Money

It is important for Maria to understand that increased abundance does not come just through money.

Sometimes abundance comes in through savings, finding great deals, or realizing that an expense was not necessary after all. All of these mean that there will be more money at the end of the month in the home, even though a household has not made more money.

Abundance and Money Have Been Handled, but How About Anxiousness and Worries?

Maria’s constant worries and fears point to a weakness in the water element. The water element rules the Career, Life Mission and Individuality Life Area. The water element also rules money and abundance.

In acupuncture, fears are seen as a weakness of the water element, associated with the kidneys and the bladder. The Feng Shui cures I suggested for Maria regarding the water element should create an environment where it would be harder for her to feel fearful.

Anxiousness is a different story. In a future article, I will share with you how I am helping Maria create an environment where her anxiousness gets triggered less often.

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