How to Clear Worries About Money with Feng Shui

I want to tell you about a client I am working with, who has lots of worries about money. Let’s call her Maria. I am teaching her how to clear anxieties about money with Feng Shui.

Maria’s main concern is money. She worries about money because she put her career in the back burner to raise her children. As a result, she makes much less money than before she had kids. Now her children are in high school. She worries about paying for their college. She also worries about her own retirement.

Worries About Money

Maria has a lot of worries about money.

Naturally, I have given her some cures to increase money and abundance.

Part of the challenge in working with Maria is that, at the moment, she lacks nothing. All her needs, and even most of her desires are being met more than handsomely.

She Worries About the Future

The things she worries about not being able to pay for, are in the future: college for her high school children, and her own retirement.

Since at the moment all her needs are being met, chi (the intelligent life force) sees her anxiety around money as a bigger problem than her desire for money.

She Has No Present Time Need for Extra Money

If she had a real need for money, right now, chi would move to compensate for any lack in her life. Since she doesn’t, chi wants to help her heal from her anxiety.

Proof of this is that whenever there is an emergency expense in the life of Maria’s family, the money shows up.

Worry is a Dis-ease of the Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude

Let me repeat here the disclaimer I read to Maria: I do not discourage anybody from seeking medical or psychological help to deal with anxiety troubles, nor do I suggest that Feng Shui can be a replacement or alternative for such treatments. My job as a Feng Shui consultant is to help Maria create an environment where worries are not easily triggered.

From the Feng Shui viewpoint, worries indicate trouble with the earth element. The Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude is the life area that most resonates with the earth element, but there are other 2 areas that work with the earth element.

Specialized Worries, Anxieties and Obsessions

These 3 life areas are symbolically related to different types of worries, anxieties and obsessions, as you can see below:

Why Money Is Not Coming

Providing Maria with money in abundance would not solve the anxiety. It would just cover it up. For this reason, money is not coming to her the way she would wish.

She gets the money she needs to pay for bills and everything else in her budget. This includes holiday expenses and vacations, but there is little left.

Right now, not having money in abundance is exactly what Maria needs to address her most significant problem: anxiety.

I need for Maria to understand this, and focus on creating more daily happiness for herself, because only when she heals the anxiety, will the money flood gates open.

How to Help Clear the Energetic Aspects of Worries About Money with Feng Shui

The problem here is that the main reason Maria wants more money is to calm her worries. Maria believes having more money will give her peace of mind (it won’t). In order to make more money, Maria needs to find a better motivation to make more money.

Let me explain, on days when Maria’s anxiety is dormant, Maria does not feel a strong desire to have more money. She only focuses on making money as a response to her fears.

In order to make more money, Maria needs to find a different, stronger motivation to make more money.

When Maria thinks about paying for her kids’ college, or not being able to pay for her kids’ college, she almost always focuses on how she would feel she had failed as a mother if she could not help pay for their college. Furthermore, she rarely focuses on the happiness and peace of mind that her children would have not being encumbered by student loans.

Consequently, in my Feng Shui work with Maria, I need to help her make the changes in her home that will help her focus on making more money to create happiness for her kids, instead of focusing on the fear of failing as a mother.

In my next article, I will share with you how I am helping Maria Feng Shui her home to reduce anxiety and open up to receiving more money.

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  1. Uau!| Double uau!
    1- It is interesting to deal with problems that arrive as a healing to some issues we have. One normaly only lloks at problems as problems, not as lessons.

    2 – Fear realy is powerfull and gets to us in unexpected ways.

    • Sometimes, problems are part of what in Feng Shui is known as the “Seed.” The Seed reorganizes the circumstances of life to give each individual the best chance to do what they came to do, or learn what they came to learn.

  2. This resonates with me, greatly.

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