Mother’s Day Cure: Heal Your Relationship with Your Mother

If you have been following my newsletter for a while, you probably already realized that Feng Shui is so much more than a technique to arrange spaces.

Feng Shui is one of the oldest healing modalities in the planet, and also one of the oldest methods for manifesting reality.

If you feel your mother “owes you” you are in need of healing from the pain of that relationship.

I want to share with you today a cure I designed to help heal the relationship with your mother:

Get four pieces of blank paper.

  1. On the first one make a drawing of your mom the way you would have drawn it when you were five or six, in kindergarten or first grade.
  2. On the second piece of paper draw what your mom’s life was like when you were growing up.
  3. On the third piece of paper draw the life that your mother expected to have when she met your father.
  4. On the fourth piece of paper draw an alternate life your mother might have lived based on things you know about her. Did she give up something to be a mother? Did she miss out on something because she got married?

You can use stick figures to draw. The drawings don’t have to be good, or even clear to understand for other people.

I have recorded a video showing you the cure I created to heal my relationship with my own mother, so you can use it as an example. In order to put it in video more easily I drew it on the computer. You may also draw it in the computer if you have the tech and the skills, but do print them out because the last part of the cure requires you to recycle the drawings.

After you have finished the four drawings, keep them for one full day. The day after take them to the recycling collection site or place them in a recycling container in your home.

As you let go of these four pieces of paper, use this affirmation:

“Mother, I acknowledge the right you had to be who you wanted to be and the right you have to be who you want to be.”

You see, much of the discord you may have experienced with your mother comes from conclusions you made and expectations you had about how your mother should have been, what she should have done for you, or how she should have treated you.

You are entitled to have had and to have expectations about how your mother should have been or should be, as long as you recognize that these expectations come from your own internal needs and view of the world, and are separate from her own right to choose her own life.

We all have an idea of what a good mother is, and we all have the choice to contrast the mother we had or have with that idea, but we still must acknowledge that our mothers, before they were mothers, were individuals with their own dreams, desires and expectations.

This does not mean that you were not hurt or traumatized by whatever neglect or abuse happened at the hands of your mother. It only means that it is not up to her to make you well.

This is an excellent cure and works really well, but if you feel resentment towards your mother, and would like to find a way to forgive her, check out my program on forgiving family here.

If you feel your mother neglected or abused you, you need to work on healing whatever trauma resulted from the interaction with her.

Now it’s your turn:

Would you like to share about your experience with your mother, or your experiences as a mother? Would you like to share how this cure worked for you? You can share below.

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