What Your Home Should Do for You

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  1. Helping you make excuses instead of making progress.
  2. Encouraging you to live an unbalanced life.
  3. Interrupting your flow.
  4. Disconnecting you from nature.
  5. Promoting arguments instead of harmony.
  6. Causing you to self-sabotage.
  7. Keeping you stuck in the past.
  8. Preventing you from focusing on healthy goals.
  9. Making life more difficult for you all around.


  1. Help you realize that you already have everything you need to be happy.
  2. Provide you with a sense of balance.
  3. Give you flow and vitality.
  4. Connecting you to nature, your spiritual nature and the nature of life.
  5. Help you be relaxed and happy so you can get along with others better.
  6. Give you good feedback about yourself and your life.
  7. Inspire you to enjoy the present and plan for an even better future.
  8. Help you set healthy goals that will increase your happiness.
  9. Empower you to be in control of your home and to be a co-creator of your own life.


  1. Create an impression of wholeness by “completing” the floor plan.
  2. Correct imbalances caused by room size, ceiling height and amount of light in all the rooms and areas of the home.
  3. Achieve a healthy circulation of chi (life force) in the whole home.
  4. Tune in to nature by working with images, plants, doors, windows, calendars and clocks.
  5. Create a harmony of colors, shapes and materials in every room of the home.
  6. Use the right artwork, accessories and symbols to give yourself good feedback.
  7. Fix and declutter so you only live with that which you use and love.
  8. Enhance the Feng Shui Nine Life Areas.
  9. Place your furniture in ways that empower you and help you be happy and productive.



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