Share your Feng Shui light bulb moment with me…

Your Feng Shui “light bulb” moment is that instant when you realized that Feng Shui actually works, and that it works in a way that goes far beyond the placebo effect or positive thinking.

At some point, you found out some information about Feng Shui and you decided to try it out. Then something amazing happened, something that felt like magic, or like you suddenly tapped into “the Matrix” of our reality and made some fundamental change for your benefit just by changing something in your home

In the video below, I share about my Feng Shui light bulb moment, and how a simple cure including a faceted crystal ball saved my marriage. I know it sounds unbelievable, yet it happened!

Share Your Feng Shui Light Bulb Moment with Me

Use the “Reply” section below to share your Feng Shui light bulb moment:

  • How did you first hear about Feng Shui?
  • What compelled you to try a Feng Shui cure in your home?
  • What amazing result did you see happen as a consequence?

I love to hear from you. Please share with me below.



  1. Hi Moni,
    Hello from Wisconsin Moni,
    I’ve been following posts, seeing your articles for about 6 months. I started just with getting rid of plastics, based on your intro to Feng Shui. I have ADHD and I had been stuck with numerous restarts trying to declutter. When I focused on reducing plastics in our home, I became less and less stuck. I have been working on keeping the toilet lid down and the bathroom door closed and I am now doing better being able to face money issues/bill paying. My next goal is my desk. But it all started with trying to reduce plastics.

    • That is fantastic! Thank you for sharing, Ruth. There are people who don’t take me seriously on the advice to reduce plastics, they don’t think it can be that important. Hopefully, reading your comment, more people will work on reducing plastics in their home! And of course, the toilet lid down and the bathroom door closed are essential for good Feng Shui. ????

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