Feng Shui Nightmare Stories – Don’t Do Compass School Feng Shui

When I say you shouldn’t practice Compass School Feng Shui, I really mean it!

At its core, Compass School Feng Shui is fear-based, because they use the magnetic directions and your birth date to find out what are your four positive directions and which are your four negative directions. From then on, you are condemned to be afraid of half of life – the four directions they have told you are bad for you. Wherever you go, you’re going to be afraid of whatever is located in those directions.

I recently recorded three live videos with case histories of how people I know have been adversely affected by mistakenly putting their trust on Compass School.

Watch these videos, to see that I am not kidding when I say: stay away from Compass School Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Nightmare Stories: “Bad” Directions

Feng Shui Nightmare Stories: Colors

Feng Shui Nightmare Stories: Large Cures

Don’t Become the Next Feng Shui Nightmare Story

I don’t want you to Become the Next Feng Shui Nightmare Story!

Feng Shui can do wonders for your life if you are guided by a professional that really knows what they’re doing. Don’t let these Feng Shui nightmare stories frighten you away from giving Feng Shui a try.

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  1. I would very much appreciate information on how to remove clutter from my home and life.

    Thank you, Moni!

  2. My Feng Shui moment came in 2012. Life was very good for my family. My husband and I both had very good jobs, my children were healthy, as was my husband and I. Always very artistic and interested in new ideas, I hired a lady to come “Feng Shui” our house.

    Within a month that summer my husband and I BOTH lost our jobs. We were both upbeat about it. We took the opportunity, as we looked for new jobs, to do work on the house–expecting to have new jobs by fall.

    That Thanksgiving I got a job at the mall. My husband sunk into a depression. By Christmas one child had emergency surgery and was in the hospital for a week. Thinking I was depressed, I felt my health declining. I got shingles and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. While we could buy our children health insurance–because my husband and I had c-pap machines–we could not afford to buy insurance for ourselves in our state. We considered moving to North Carolina.

    Our lives continued to unravel. My mother-in-law died from cancer–we spent the money she left my husband to pay our mortgage. Things continued to decline, I gained 50 pounds. By August my other child had anaphylactic shock from eating vegetable soup. His allergist told me I had terrible food allergies too–but we could not afford to treat me. Then the first child had another emergency surgery. I was so tired, after a year and a half I quit working at the mall–I was just exhausted.

    When I called Moni, I was desperate. Our lives had been unraveling for a year and a half. She came and looked at my house and said the previous Feng Shui person had committed malpractice on my house. When Moni visited, she knew things about my family, from my house, that no one knew, personal, private facts–and she understood from the way the house was set up–not anything I told her, she understood from clues in the house. It was almost like having a psychologist for my house!

    With little to no energy or budget I made changes to the house. Slowly, things began to improve. We got on Obama care and I discovered my body was not absorbing any vitamin B or my thyroid medicine. I wasn’t just depressed, I couldn’t hold onto an idea or remember anything because I was also physically sick. I was treated for my food allergies.

    With my extra energy I taught myself a difficult software and started applying for jobs. My husband started a master’s program and earned his master’s in under a year–a record!

    That was four years ago. We are both working now, my oldest child is in college with a full scholarship. Next year both kids will be in school at the same time. We still struggle financially but always manage to pay our bills.

    I knew everything was going to be ok the Christmas before getting my job. The last Christmas working at the mall, I bought some rabbit Christmas ornaments on clearance. The next year I left one sitting out on a self, in the “children’s area” just because I really liked it. Within a couple of months my child brought home a baby domestic rabbit, whom we all love very much.

    If Moni had not come and helped us, who knows how we would have ended up. She is a true blessing.

    Best regards,

  3. Mr Mohamad Nazli Bin Hamzah

    Hi Moni, I’ve watch your videos and like it. I am leaving in a cluttered house and find it difficult to declutter. thanks

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