Do you have a staircase of death at home? Feng Shui Staircase

If you want your staircase to be Feng Shui correct, a good place to start is to make sure it’s not a “staircase of death.” Do you have a staircase of death at home? Feng Shui Staircase

Staircases of Death

Staircases of death are staircases that have no handrails.

Unfortunately, many modern designs of homes do not include handrails.

I am surprised to see so many staircases without handrails in homes, because actually the building codes require staircases with more than 3 steps to have one. Feng Shui Staircase

All Staircases Pose a Feng Shui Problem

All staircases pose some degree of danger. Staircase accidents are so common, than there are lawyers who specialize in personal injury accidents lawsuits. All staircases pose Feng Shui problems, because of the implicit risk of falling, but a good staircase can be energetically balanced with relatively simple Feng Shui cures or enhancements. Ideally, it is better to live in a home that is all in one story, from the Feng Shui perspective, but this is not an option for many people. Feng Shui Staircase

Accidents Happen

In the USA Over 1 Million injuries occur each year as the result of stairway falls. Staircase and stairway accidents constitute the second leading cause of accidental injury, second only to car accidents. Each year, there are 12,000 stairway accident deaths.

Accidents happen all across the board when it comes to age. Seniors, small children and women report more injuries, but all ages show up in emergency room for injuries from falls on staircases.

They’re Really Dangerous

On their websites, lawyers list unsafe handrails as one cause for staircase accidents. Imagine how much more dangerous it is to have no handrail at all!

Staircases with no handrails are really dangerous. Any possibility of danger in your home is bad Feng Shui. The possibility of accidents raises red flags in your brain. These red flags consume memory space in your mind, and they have a cumulative effect.  [Feng Shui Staircase]

“But Nothing Has Ever Happened”

When I mention to clients that their staircases with no handrails are hurting their chi, some clients get defensive.

“But I love my staircases like this.”

“I just don’t like the look of handrails!”

“We’ve lived in this home 20 years and nothing has ever happened.”

When clients say that “nothing has ever happened,” they mean that there has never been a serious accident in their home due to falls from their staircase, in spite of not having handrails. That part may be true. However, it is not true that “nothing has ever happened.”

The sense of impeding danger that comes from any lack of safety in the home increases stress in the inhabitants of the home.  [Feng Shui Staircase]

What Actually Happens

Even in homes where there have been no serious accidents due to the lack of handrails, many things are happening to the people in those homes, which are not actually good.

These are the problems that clients who live in these kinds of homes report:

  • Irritability, especially irritability that increases over time. A spouse will tell me that their partner has been getting increasingly moody or angry, every year a little worse than the year before.
  • Financial problems that are extended over time, which, when they started, had seemed very easy to solve.
  • Recurring health issues, even though appropriate professional treatments were sought and followed, and physicians and other professionals expected those health issues to have been resolved.  [Feng Shui Staircase]

They Come with Other Problems

Often, designers who come up with staircases with no handrails do other things that are not Feng Shui correct around the home. They’ll have doors that don’t feel safe, windows that let the chi escape at night, and color combinations that create dis-harmonies.

The staircases themselves, many times have other problems besides the lack of handrails. The steps themselves may be unsafe, or feel unsafe. The space underneath the staircases may also be “an accident waiting to happen.”

Staircases are a Symbol of Wealth

Safety is paramount, but another reason why you should make sure the Feng Shui of your staircase is correct is that staircases are symbols of wealth. In the musical Fiddler on the Roof, the song goes,

“If I were a rich man…
…There would be one long staircase just going up,
And one even longer coming down,
And one more leading nowhere, just for show.”

A regal staircase was an essential feature in castles and in many large homes.

An elegant staircase elevates the perception of a home as luxurious. Feng Shui Staircase

Other Problem Staircases

Let’s play a game. Who can tell me what is wrong with the staircases below? There’s at least one thing wrong with each of the four staircases below.

Use the reply feature at the bottom of this page and refer to the number on the staircase.

Please note that I will only give you the answers if there is at least one person guessing what is wrong with every one of these four staircases, from the Feng Shui viewpoint, which is also the common sense viewpoint.

What four things are wrong with this staircase?

The staircase below goes beyond a “staircase of death.” Who can tell me what four things are really wrong with the staircase below?

Feng Shui Problems Have Feng Shui Solutions

Every time I point out a Feng Shui problem to you, I know the solution for that problem. All these staircases can be “cured” or corrected energetically.

In the case of the handrail, this is a physical necessity that cannot be avoided. In short, if you do not have a handrail you need to add one!

All other problems can be solved with simple Feng Shui cures.





  1. 1. Children could fall under the railing.
    2. ” over the railing
    3. ” Between the stairs.
    4. Spiral makes steps too narrow by the railing.

  2. 1. Correct, plus the space under the staircase is open and it looks like there are some very sharp metal pieces there on the sides.

    2. This might be high enough that no small children would be in danger by the opening at the top. The biggest problem here is that the space under the staircase is completely open and people might hit their heads under it. Chi also stagnates towards the lower part.

    3. Yes, there are no risers in between the steps, which gives a feeling of lack of stability, and seen from the front it splits the view, much in the way that mini blinds or shutters do.

    4. Yes, all spiral staircases are considered Feng Shui problems. The narrowing of the steps on one side makes them dangerous, but also the chi (life force) gets drained down.

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