How I Feng-Shuied myself out of a hair dresser….

When I lived in Ecuador I had a hair dresser so good that I wanted to bring him with me to the USA. Sadly, he wasn’t interested.

It took me years to find a hair dresser in the USA that actually knew how to cut wavy hair like mine, so it wouldn’t have cowlicks all over the place. After I found her, it took me only a few months to lose her, thanks to a Feng Shui consultation I did for her business.

Watch the video to learn about how I Feng-Shuied myself out of the only hairdresser in this country that knew how to handle my hair, which is why I have to use a curling iron!

It Wasn’t Without Warning

It wasn’t without warning because prior to this, a friend had told me the story about a Feng Shui consultant from Hong Kong, living in San Francisco, who had a policy that would have prevented me from Feng-Shuing myself out of a hairdresser.

Watch the video below to learn about the clause I should have had in my contract.


Will You Share with Me?

Will you share with me? Have you ever helped another person in a way that resulted in a not so good result for you? Use the reply feature under this article to comment.


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