What an Ideal Feng Shui Entrance Can Do for You [video]

Do you want to learn how to create an ideal Feng Shui entrance? This video will show you how. The first few minutes of this video will give you the gist of what you need to have an ideal entrance door. If you want to know the why of every piece of advice and how your entrance can help you in life, do watch the whole 14 minutes.

An ideal Feng Shui entrance can help you:

  • Be open to opportunities.
  • Feel proud about your home.
  • Get a sense of safety.
  • Feel uplifted.

“Help! I can’t create an ideal feng shui entrance!”

But what if creating this ideal entrance is off limits for you? I can think of a few reasons why:

  • You rent, and are not allowed to make any changes to your place.
  • You live in a condo, and the covenants prevent you from making changes to the outside.
  • You access your home from a hallway, not directly from the outside.

If this is you, I have a solution for you: the ideal entrance tile.


This is a Feng Shui cure you can place on the outside of your home if there is enough overhead cover, or on one of the side walls in your foyer (the one to the side where the door opens). Check out this cure here.




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