Sometimes life is not about you, but about what you… [video]

Sometimes, what happens in your life is not about you…

If you have been getting my newsletter for a while, you probably know that Feng Shui goes beyond taking care of the home or business space. Feng Shui is a lifestyle that revolves around these core concepts:

  • You came to life with purposes (life missions)
  • Heaven is constantly helping you fulfill those life missions in a state of happiness and health.
  • Happiness and health need a place to happen – the home.
  • By improving your home, you can improve your life. 

Heaven is constantly talking to you, through books, videos, memes, people, and even billboards. With these messages, Heaven guides you to your Highest Good. Sometimes, though, you are guided to certain information or experiences, not because you need them, but because someone needs something from you. Watch the video to learn more, and to hear about how my search for tires ending up the exact blessing someone else needed.


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