The Feng Shui Wealth Poster

The Feng Shui Wealth Poster is a tool to help you determine and visualize your goals for material goods. Learn how to make a Feng Shui Wealth Poster for your home so that you and your family can manifest all the stuff you need and want.


A Feng Shui Wealth Poster works better than affirmations, vision boards and visualization. My clients and students report getting at least 80% of the items they have placed on their wealth poster in one year or less.

Why It’s OK to Ask Heaven for Wealth

Acquiring material possessions should by no means become the main goal of a person’s life, but we are spiritual beings inhabiting material bodies, and we have a need for material things.

It is OK to desire for material wealth.

The desire for material wealth is not incompatible with spiritual development. I encourage you to watch the video below, especially if you perceive that you tend to block or self-sabotage the acquisition of wealth in your life.

The Feng Shui Wealth Poster


The Feng Shui Wealth Poster is a tool we use in Feng Shui to help you manifest the material items you need or desire.

The Wealth Poster works independently of whether your income for the year increases or not. It is simply a tool to call material possessions into your life.

In this video, my children and I share with you how we manifested a great new rug for our living room in less than one week. The rug we got was more beautiful, of better materials and much more affordable than what we had asked for in our wealth poster.

When you do the wealth poster right, the results go beyond your expectations.

NOTE: This video was recorded before the class was recorded, and the offers mentioned in the video are no longer available, but the online class is still very affordable. See it here.

An Online Class on How to Create the Perfect Feng Shui Wealth Poster

In this online class, I’ll teach you how to create a Feng Shui Wealth Poster that works for you and your family. Some of the topics included are:

  • How to organize the Feng Shui Wealth Poster.
  • What materials to use.
  • How many items to place on the poster for better results.
  • Where in the home to place the wealth poster for added energetic support.
  • What works better, a physical or a digital wealth poster?
  • Affirmations to use along with your wealth poster.
  • How to counteract the natural fears you may be feeling when asking for material goods.
  • Why and how the Feng Shui Wealth Poster works.

Click here or on the image below to explore the online classHow to Create a Feng Shui Wealth Poster.” It sells for a very low price. A small investment can help you save thousands of dollars a year, and get much more out of your money!

Go there now and register, before you forget or get too busy.

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