Bad Feng Shui – Knives on the Counter

Knives on the counter are bad Feng Shui. Many people think that getting a wooden block of knives where the cutting part of the knife is hidden inside the wood are a clever, safe way to keep knives. They are mistaken.

For good Feng Shui, knives are better kept in drawers – out of sight, out of mind.

Scary Bad Feng Shui: Knives on the Counter

It is a classic scene in scary movies that they show you the kitchen counter and there is a block of knives on it with all the knives put in. A little later in the movie they show you the same block of knives, but the one knife is missing. There are good reasons movie makers use these images. They are bad feng shui.

Keeping a block of knives on our counter is not a good idea. A block of knives with knives missing, as is often the case, is even worse Feng Shui because at some level it makes you wonder where the missing knives are.

Don’t make your home the scene of a scary movie!

The block of knives is a staple of scary movies for good reasons: it’s scary.

Knives that are too easily accessible are bad feng shui!

It Happens!

I have had Feng Shui clients who had terrible incidents happen at home because the knives were too easily accessible.

In one case, a family member had had their psychiatric medication changed recently and had a bad reaction to it. During an argument in the middle of the night in the kitchen, they reached for a knife from the block on the kitchen counter and attacked another family member. Would they have looked for a knife that was safely tucked away in a drawer? Probably not.

Another case was of a house wife who had found out her husband was cheating on her. They had a heated argument in the kitchen. She was doing her best to upset him. He pushed her against the fridge and was threatening her. She said something that was very hurtful and the block of knives was right there within arms reach, so she ended up with a knife pressed to her neck.

When people lose it, and it happens, they will reach for a knife if the knife is easily available, but they are less likely to go looking for a knife. Even if they did go rummaging for a knife, that gives the other person a chance to get to safety.

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Knives on the Counter are Really Bad Feng Shui

The amount of time you use knives in the kitchen is probably less than one hour every day, and that is if you cook from scratch.

When visiting friends while they were cooking, if they had a block of knives on the counter, they never seem to find the knife they were looking for at the first try. They always pulled a few out until they located the right knife for the job.

bad feng shui knives

Putting knives safely away is part of Step 6 in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.

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