Bad Feng Shui Windows

Scary Bad Feng Shui Windows. It is a recurring scene in many scary movies that a stalker or a murderer is looking into the life of his unsuspecting future victims through a window that has no curtains. Having no window treatments that allow you to close them and have privacy at night, is bad feng shui.

No Matter How Beautiful the View, You Need Curtains

For practical reasons, as well as for safety and energetic reasons, all of your windows need curtains. You need to be able to control how much light comes in, and how much an outsider could see inside.

  • Too much sunshine can discolor your floors and furniture.
  • Having no curtains or window treatments can increase your energy bills.
  • You need privacy! Strangers should not be able to see your life in a showcase at night, which they will if they lights are on and you have no curtains.

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