Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors

Are you dealing with terrible neighbors? Many people ask me if there are any Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors. There are, but most articles you will find on the internet about this, are suggesting some very bad cures – the cures are worst than the neighbors.

feng shui cures for bad neighbors

If you have bad neighbors that do things that are annoying but not directed at you particularly, continue reading below. However, if you have bad neighbors that are doing bad things directly to you or causing damage to your property, you may need more than just one Feng Shui cure — you may need specialized Feng Shui help.

Learn Why Some Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors are Bad News — Hint: They Create Karma

I recorded a webinar on the Five Worst Feng Shui Cures for Dealing with Neighbors – and why you shouldn’t use them. Click on the image below to see the webinar.

My Experiences with Bad Neighbors

In the past week I have broadcast two Facebook live videos about bad neighbors. By the way, have you had any bad neighbors? Do you have one right now? If you do, use the comments section below this article to share your experiences. If you share your experiences with me, I’ll be able to suggest the Feng Shui cures for bad neighbors that you need in my online class The RIGHT Feng Shui Cures to Deal with Bad Neighbors.

A Passive Aggressive Bad Neighbor

The first video is about a neighbor that was very passive aggressive.

An Overtly Aggressive Bad Neighbor

The second video is about a neighbor that was openly aggressive, and who would resort to vandalism.

How About You?

I would like to know what problems or conflicts you have or have had with neighbors so I can see what to include in a teleclass that could help you. Share with me in the “reply” section underneath this article.

Folks Online are Recommending Some Terrible Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors

I have been running searches on Google about what other Feng Shui experts are recommending for dealing with problematic neighbors. Guess what I found? A bunch of baloney mixed up with a couple of common sense cures (that you would already have anyway if you have Feng Shuied your main entrance the way I teach you).

Makes me wonder how some of these people have the gall to call themselves “experts!”

My concern now is that if you have bad neighbors and have tried to find the solution by googling, you may have found one of those sites and are now using “cures” that could backfire on you and your loved ones, or that may create bad karma for you.

Bad Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors

Bad Feng Shui cures for bad neighbors are bad for the neighbors, but worse for you.

Let me share some samples of very bad suggestions for Feng Shui cures for bad neighbors with you:

  • bagua mirrors
  • bright lights pointed at the neighbor’s place
  • placing a container full of water between your home and the neighbor’s home
  • painting your home white
  • hanging a large mirror facing towards your neighbor’s side wall
  • wind chimes (in some cases)

Learn Why the Above Cures are Bad

I recorded a webinar on the Five Worst Feng Shui Cures for Dealing with Neighbors – and why you shouldn’t use them. Click on the image below to see the webinar.


  1. Hi, Moni! This is perfect timing for me and my family. Recently we received a letter informing us a neighbor has complained about “excessive dog barking at various times.” We were surprised because our dog, although she does bark, only barks when people walk past the house – which may be twice a day. Another time a neighbor called the fire department on me while I was trying to roast marshmallows with my kids (yes there was a lot of smoke). Since everything is communicated by city services I don’t know which of my neighbors it is. These neighbors are starting to affect my family’s enjoyment in their own home.

  2. Hi Good Afternoon
    Please can you help..I live in a block of 4 Apartments one door on the front of the block then the back of the apartments has access to three apartments, one on the left as you go in the front door then stairs.. I live at the top of the stairs on the left directly opposite my problem neighbors who are so so negative.

    I am a Reiki healer cleanse my apartment with a singing bowl..especially by the front door and keep a large chunk of rose quartz just inside on the left as I enter.

    Please can you recommend anything else I can do, have been reading about mirrors etc on the front door rather concerned what to use.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Many Thanks


    • Frances, I suggest you enroll in the teleclass above. It’s pre-recorded so you can get access to it instantly. You obviously have a special sensitivity to energy. Do not use a mirror on the door. The techniques you will learn in the teleclass can be very helpful.

  3. Good morning thank you for your prompt reply, for now I have put an angel on the door dedicated her to protect from the negativity.

    Will take a look as I am interested in Feng Shui

    Have a good day

  4. We’ve had neighbors who stalk and harass us for nine years, but it has escalated in the last two years. My husband was a disabled veteran and we were struggling with life and death issues. They have targeted us and created so much stress. My husband got much worse and has now passed away. We live in a floating home on a river where the whole community is on the water with docks leading to our homes. They are right across the dock from us. They intentionally come across and snoop to find things wrong, always looking for one more thing. When my husband and I would walk by to our home, she’d snidely say “what’s wrong with him’; they accused us of having an infestation of rats, we never saw a thing, but I called County Vector Control for advice and assistance. The neighbors got mad we didn’t surround our home with poison. When I explained my husband was too ill, and could not be exposed to poison and we were following suggestions of the County, they increased their stalking and complaints, causing my husband to become increasingly ill. They wanted us to power wash, which we wanted to do anyway, then they complained about that. My husband passed away in the midst of this; he had asked me to get him away from them so he could have some peace. I was able to get him into the hospital, but he could not recover. They left for a while during this time but returned during the holidays right after he had died and screamed at me saying I wasn’t friendly enough. She had at one point said to me they’d be glad when he was dead because that would cause me pain. They are drunk daily. I pointed out I am not friendly because she had said this, and that no matter what we do, they complain. I further stated we had only asked them to leave us alone and allow my husband to heal in peace. She escalated the screaming weird things like my husband was the best neighbor they’ve ever had (even though they cruelly mocked him) and that they hate me adding they loved him and I had no idea what he was like, that I didn’t even know him and they are grieving the loss of their neighbor and I was clueless (really weird). I held my phone up taping this whole encounter and sent it to the police, who did nothing; it is part of a very long file I have submitted to the police after reaching out to them for help. Though very ill, my husband was becoming increasingly concerned for our safety (we both had careers in public safety, he’s a former police chief as well) and mounted a number of cameras, at which point we were able to document what we already knew them to do. We’ve documented their actions (we’ve submitted several videos of them snooping and trespassing, coming over in the night with flashlights), but have received no help which I believe contributed to stress as we simply tried to live in peace. The next day after the encounter I videoed on my phone and submitted to the police, they apparently left town and have now been gone three months. I am very concerned about their return, which will happen at some point. I try as much as possible to enjoy the present peace, but it is devastating knowing my husband was robbed of the ability to heal and died having to endure this.

    • Dear D, I can’t imagine how stressful this situation with your neighbors must be. Every person has a right to feel safe in their own home. Check out the course above. It is a very small investment, and I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. There’s nothing to lose and much to gain. The advice offered was designed to not further trigger the neighbors into further confrontation.

      • Thank you, Moni. From your stories I do realize you’ve had some bad neighbors. I cannot bring my husband back, but sadly I do feel without the stress they created, he would still be here, so there is a great amount of pain. Many people have left the community because of them. That was not something we could do while my husband was so ill, nor is it something I can do for a while. I would prefer to be in the house I shared with my love. As we come and go, we have to walk within a couple of feet of them because of how we are situated on the dock. I recently learned the former owners of our home left because of them. While it’s a bit risky, I feel I should wait to take the class, taking it once they return, I am trying to get the rest of my life in order and get as much done as I can while I have peace, and am under several post-mortem stressful timelines (not the least of which is establishing financial stability and being able to have a service for my husband). I am taking advantage of the peace while I have it, and have strong deadlines, at the same time I am trying to figure out how to cope when they eventually return. My husband would say she was obsessed with me, which seems to be true; part of the problem has also been our proximity – we are frequent flyers because of our proximity, others live far enough away, but are targeted as well (another neighbor they harassed had open heart surgery and they made trouble for him while he was in the hospital). As my husband and I surmised, they must have worse demons than we could dream of. I cannot imagine what we’ve ever done to trigger them other than to exist. We tried to be friendly and kind, but it has been best to disassociate with any of their energy. I have worked with energy practitioners who agree this is the best approach. Thank you for your response. I will be taking the class.

        • D, energetically, it works better to apply the Feng Shui cures while the neighbors are away. The principle at work here is that prevention is always easier than correction. Bad as your neighbors may be, the reasons they choose you to target have to do with a perception that they can, and that you will take it and they won’t see any considerable consequences. This is the most important thing to correct energetically, any weakness in you and your household that could lead people to believe they can harm you and get away with it. Sending you love.

  5. Stefanie g Janosik

    Hi, thanks for inviting my comment as I also have a neighbor problem and found your site while looking up bagua mirrors. Our neighbors are to the left of our house and very close. When my kids play in our driveway which is between our two houses, the neighbor will sometimes shout obscenities from her window at the kids and has called the cops on us several times. Every time the kids see the neighbor kids and act friendly they get obscenities in return. My bedroom window is directly across from the window the neighbor (mom) shouts obscenities from. Not sure what to do to avoid bad karma.

    • Stefanie, I’m sorry to hear you are dealing with this. You must be so worried about your kids. And you certainly want to deal with this in a way that does not create bad karma for you. Did you check out the course I am offering above? It’s only $36 and comes with a full month money back guarantee. Several of the people who have taken the course were dealing with “neighbors from hell,” and have seen great improvements. One of them even received an offer of help from neighbors she used to be afraid of. Problems with neighbors are ultimately problems with internal energetic boundaries and my students find that the issues neighbors bring about are connected with issues they carry with them from relationships within their families origins. The position of the neighbor compared to your home is also very relevant in regards to the meaning. It’s all in the course, very eye opening.

  6. Hi Moni,
    I have a Neighbour who lives directly opposite me which means our main door is facing each other. He always complains our family is purposely making excessive noise to annoy him. In fact, I installed 4 CCTV cameras inside my house and showed him more than 20 CCTV footage to proof that no one in the flat is making noise to annoy him, however he still doesn’t believe and continue to threaten my family member. I really want to sue him in court. Can you let me know how can I deal with him from fenggshui perspective?

    • Julia, sign up to watch the webinar above. On the webinar page you will have access to a coupon to take my course Feng Shui Cures to Deal with Bad Neighbors.

  7. Hi Moni

    We had noisy neighbours in the past and I don’t want to deal with that again.
    I have used Bagua mirrors .

    • How did the bagua mirrors work for you?

      • Goodevening Ive had a break down today and am concert about the stress level I am at with those neighbors. I live in a block with two apartments in the entrance, first floor two apartments and second floor three apartments. On the second floor this guy who lives there sell weed and drugs it is not legal in this country. People keep coming in and out he keeps going in a out it’s very stressful everyday in and out smashing the door very hard too many times a day , he even has tried with a pick up line and he’s always trying to talk to me I really really don’t like this energy. The neighbor in front him is new and I remember saying hello but she look me straight and the eyes and not gave me a hello back now I just trying to avoid people from the second floor it’s embarrassing. First floor is calm but you can hear everything from the second and the entrance floor everyday everytime any minutes loud kicking doors so loud that it gives a big echo. People are going to the toilet with the door open you can clearly hear everyone peeing it’s really disturbing. Entrance apartment is the worst. Louder kicking doors they have an open garden and I have a balcony on top of them I can see everything. They make fire , grill steaks smoke drink and even sometimes scream too loud in the morning. They stump very hard in the floor when they walk. Everybody has a bedroom and a living room in the apartment together with a kitchen and a bathroom/toilet. I don’t understand why it is so hard to feel home. I’ve tried everything few days ago I tried to leave a not in the hall in every floor same message please don’t kick the door you are not the only one who lives here. But they are still doing it and today it was probably like 20 times what I mean is when they enter their home and like push the door he’s to lock or the opposite when they leave. I’m afraid of coming home I’m afraid of being home, never called the police , I’m afraid. For my safety. They are passively agressive no one cares everybody just let them it’s been soon seven years. I can’t sleep at night and I can’t get out of bed. I’m starting school in few months and I’m worried for this stress level I am at right now. I barely go out sit on the balcony they have comment everything they are laughing and acting like fools. I have no privacy no visitors because I sense this bad energies in this building everyday. I tried incense feng shui placement of furniture. Essential oil, mirror ect but I don’t know if I do it right. They are flushing toilets don’t close doors it’s just a big mess out here. I wanna call and cancel my apartment and try to move but I haven’t another one. They are Trying to have several conversations with me but I am over the edge I don’t wanna talk to people like that I just wanna be and feel home unbothered, so what can I do to keep me zen please help so that I can survive this hell. Feel free to ask if there is something I haven’t mention.

        • Rose, I’m sorry you’re having so many problems. Did you sign up for the free webinar above?

          • Yes I did I tried to listen to it yesterday I found some things I could change but I need to tell you about it. So painting you home white. My inside apartment is paint white but I didn’t do it I’ve been considering a new painting for the inside as it is a smoking apartment. So what color should I paint the rooms? Red? I couldn’t understand in the video about the Murrow is it any Mirrors or just the bagua. I don’t have the bagua. Is there anything else I can do?

        • Rose, the webinar is about things you shouldn’t do. When you got the link to the webinar you should also have gotten a discount code to take the teleclass I taught on Feng Shui cures to deal with bad neighbors. Please take a look at that.

  8. Hello, I have troublesome neighbors and had bagua mirrors for years and took them down immediately upon reading they are not good, as it was not my intent to do any harm but to protect myself. I do not want bad karma and want to know what I can do to fix this. My neighbors are very noisy, inconsiderate, and there are always parties and a lot of times drug deals and just total lack of courtesy for anyone around them. The police won’t do anything and I just want a little peace and to be able to enjoy my yard and my home.

  9. Thank you for your reply. I have another question – we have a small building on our property behind our house so should we put a sun bagua above that door also?

  10. Hi Moni.. This is Aimee .. I started applying feng shui for a year now. Since the area of my main entrance is not good this month I decided to close it and use another door to use every time. My problem is this door I am currently using is facing a street and in a distance a neighbor with a mountain peak behind that is so visible from my door so I decided to hang a concave bagua mirror on top of my door. Before using this door I made a flower garden and planted some vegetables in a separate way just to fill my entrance with plants and after that I put the bagua mirror. Please tell me if theres something wrong with what I did. Thank you and hope to hear from you a lot .God bless!!

  11. Hi Moni, we have a neighbor who always complains and tells us that our house was always noisy, we do some DIY projects at our garage and of course it will cause sound when we use power tools, but that was only for sometimes not all the time. There were also this neighbor beside our house complaining about the smell of our pets, well in fact when we clean our garage we use soap and bleach to sanitize the area, still complaining about it and provoke a argument.

  12. Hello.
    Perhaps you may help me please. My neighbour has placed a large square flat mirror against the side of his house directed toward my back yard door. He is always a gloomy solitary angry man who dose not enjoy his neighbours. The mirror is about 6 mts. from my house and 10 mtrs. from my back door. There is a tall wooden fence between us though I can see the mirror through the cracks Can I disperse or remove the effect of this mirror or is it no threat.
    Thank you

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