Protect Yourself from Toxic Family Relations – Shield the Heart Chakra with a Mirror

Relatives bringing you down? Turn your frown into a smile, with this simple cure to protect your heart chakra, that was shared with me by a doctor of ancient Chinese medicine.

Protect Yourself from Toxic Family Relations

In a perfect world, getting together for the holidays would be an occasion that would bring nothing but joy.

In reality, these times are often stressful because you come in touch with people who are experts at pushing your buttons and getting negative reactions out of you. If another person told you the same thing, or had the same attitude toward you, you’d be able to brush it off. However, because of the history you have with family members, their words and actions have a greater effect in you.

Some of the things that relatives say or do are not intended to bug you or to create harm, but, sadly, some are.

Some relatives look forward to the holidays because of the damage they may inflict.

Shield the Heart Chakra with a Mirror

There is a very easy way to protect yourself from negative energy coming from relatives – or anyone else. This knowledge was shared with me by a practitioner of ancient Chinese medicine and it has worked great for me and for the students and clients with whom I have shared it.

Watch the video below to learn how to shield your energy field from energetic attacks!

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  1. i don’t see the link for dealing w/ the bad relatives, can you post that that you mention in the article for “Protecting yourself from Toxic relatives”?

    • Hi, the information on dealing with problematic relatives is shared in the video. The link to deal with bad neighbors is under the heading: “A Teleclass to Learn How to Protect Yourself from Bad Neighbors”

  2. Interesting, thank you Moni. I might like to purchase the same or similar crystal to what you are wearing, can you tell me where I may buy it?

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