Never Place a Mirror on the Outside Walls of Your Home

Mirrors in Feng Shui are kind of magic. They have very powerful uses, and because of the power that comes with mirrors, you have to be very careful in the way you use them.

One way to never use mirrors is to hang a regular mirror on the outside walls of your home.

The only kind of mirror ever allowed outside is a bagua mirror. However, I no longer recommend bagua mirrors. They always seem to create bad karma for the person who uses it. You may read more about bagua mirrors and what I recommend you use instead here.

Bad Use of Mirrors

Placing a mirror on an outside wall of your home is the symbolic equivalent of cutting out a big hole on your wall. Out of this whole, chi escapes, hot or cool air “escapes,” and, if the mirror is big enough, outsiders could “climb in.”

  • Even though cold and hot air cannot escape through a mirror, the impression that they can is liable to increase stress.
  • Even though it is impossible for someone to walk into your home through a large mirror, the fact that the mirror makes it look like they could, can affect your deep mind negatively.

Furthermore, mirrors are delicate, fragile. Putting a mirror on the outside of your home makes your property vulnerable to vandalism and to the weather. The next time there is a storm, your mirror could be broken. This is symbolic of having “thin skin,” or putting yourself in positions where you could get hurt easily – not good.

Using Mirrors on the Outside to Deflect Bad Chi or Bad Energy from Neighbors? Don’t Even Think It!

Think about it:

  • If there is a road pointed towards your home, and you place a mirror, now you are symbolically bringing the road inside of your home.
  • Say there is a shar (sharp corner) pointed towards your home. If you use a large mirror to try to deflect it, you are actually bringing the shar in.
  • If you have bad neighbors and place a mirror facing in their direction, you are visually bringing the bad neighbors and their stuff “inside” your home.

It is never a good idea to place mirrors on the outside walls of your home. Don’t do it. Don’t even think it! If you have one, take it down!

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  1. I agree we put a mirror outside our home in our garden cannot tell you how bad things are for us ever since ,even going through a case

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